"It would appear that not only being content with screenshotting a MS word document (the green and red spell check highlighting on the bottom gives it away)," Geordie writes, "they also decided to do something to the top half at an enlarged scale, paste it over the bottom half using a very Web 0.1 method, but then proceed to get a bus number wrong and correct that manually, using an entirely different font."


"Normally, Naughty Dog talks about the latest update or some new experimental game mode in Uncharted 2."


"I was browsing in Firefox, and I guess I right-clicked 'wrong'," Chris writes, "suddenly, I was looking at a context menu with every possible option on it... it even scrolled."


"I tried to purchase some accessories from O2, and their site told me to 'log in to speed up the checkout process', which I duly did," writes Ian Jones, "I suppose in one way they were right: I can't progress from this screen as there are a number of mandatory fields which they've chosen not to allow me to supply. Brilliant!"


R. Buckminster spotted this at his local Wendy's.


"Now how exactly do I log in again?" wonders Phil


"I was waiting for a train, and I see that a lot of rail destinations lead directly to the web!" writes Fulvio Corno, "I just don't know whether to user GET or POST to catch those trains."


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