"The first time I started up Word 2013, it offered to give me a tour. Upon reflection, this probably is a pretty accurate tour," writes Matt M..


R.M. wrote, "Orkin's futuristic new telephone 'number' really rolls right off the tongue."


"Outlook is VERY steadfast about its error messages," writes Param.


"I was trying to get pricing for a ride to the airport when this Highlander caught my attention. I'm sure that someone will read it as a challenge," wrote Dan H..


Jean-Pierre was both happy and sad to discover that his metro line 8 in Paris, when it runs, it runs on Linux.


"Does Bing in its translation automatically take into account the complicated time difference in between Austria and Czech Republic?" Jan wonders.


"My colleague received this error message at the end of a bad day, " wrote Aaron, "Aren't both really the same thing in the end?"


"I'm not entirely sure Novell really 'Got It'," writes Carson Fibre.


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