If early 1980's marketing is to be believed, then the guy hauling around dead trees in a faux leather case is doing it completely wrong.

Sadly, the pioneering Osborne 1 didn't thrive for very long due in part to two large flaws. One being the diminutive 5" (10 cm) screen and the fact that it weighed in at a hefty 23.5 pounds (10.7kg). To put this into perspective, the weight of a single Osborne 1 is equivalent to 122 hot dogs (buns + ketchup included)


Need something smaller than the Takeru Kobayashi Special? Why not opt for Radio Shack's TRS-80 Pocket Computer instead.

Only slightly longer than a checkbook and weighing in at only 6oz (170g) it seems like a dream come true when compared to the Osborne 1. It is, if your dream is to have a 24x1 character display and you're ok being limited to programs written in BASIC (ok assembler too, but what kind of sadomasochist would program assembly on this thing, seriously!)


Aw heck, if a single line of text is all you need, why not release your inner-geek and go with the Pocket ASCII Terminal with its "Man-Sized" capabilities.


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