Dave Milner contributes this story to TheDailyWTF:

With the advances in .NET, everyone is using delegates as event handler / listeners.

Usually, an event is one isolated occurance in time of a particular type.  In the below code, however, we have some added features of a listener - not only does it handle the search event fired, but it also slices and dices and doubles as an event handler for the item selected grid that's populated with the search results.  This one took me about 2 hours to hunt down, and left me scratching my head going "whasssisss?"

This got me thinking - "what kind of party would a developer like this throw?" Here's an example using the same kind of logic:

Dear X, please accept my invitation to our child's 4th birthday / fondue /  toga party.  It's at 4:00pm Saturday at 111 N. 1st Street.  Don't worry about how you're dressed - we'll just sort out where to send you at the front door.   


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