"I was asked this question when signing up for a bank account," wrote James. "I was going to answer 'The', but was surprised to find this rather limited selection... "


"My new cellphone came with a very special charger," Jan commented, "I mean, I've heard about just-in-time production, but this?"


"I was looking for a Transformers 'Tooth Tunes' Toothbrush for my nephew," Trisha wrote, "and came across this. Tooth Tunes, Death Teens... pretty much the same thing, I guess."

(still live)


"Apparently," Brian Egge noted, "my shopping mall isn't safe from blue screens of death, either."


Not to be out done by some stateside Australian mall, Nat shared what a real mall blue screen looks like

(from Nottingham UK's Broadmarsh Centre)


And Andreas Gruen sends in yet another "the user won't see it" dialog...


"This was from the Prague-Airport Marriott's television-based message system," Alex F. said, "I'll let you guess what my room number was."


Erik wrote, "the firmware of my DVD-burner gave me this wonderful sample of Engrish."


"FedEx is all prepared for the upcoming merge of all phone systems used across the universe," writes an anonymous reader, "also known as the Intergalactic Phone Number Standard."


"While playing around with a fractal generation program," Sean Murphy wrote, "I came across this error message. Maybe I needed to get the 'enterprise' version for a random number generator."


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