"Actually," writes Greg Buhtz, "my lunch at SUCWAY SAODWICIES was rather enjoyable."


"Recently," writes Melissa Dunphy, "I've been receiving some odd e-mails from Hotwire informing me that I've 'recently searched for hotels' in destinations I haven't ever searched in my life."



"My wife decided at the age of 8-and-a-half to stop having half birthdays," Paul T wrote, "but after seeing this arrive in the post yesterday, she's come up with the perfect excuse to recieve another set of presents in six months time!"


"I was using a map and route planner program for EVE Online when I got this message," Matt writes. "I guess that's an apt name for an exception."


"While waiting on my bus," Matt notes, "this one came by. Not sure where it was going, but I didn't feel adventurous enough to find out."


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