As an e-commerce site selling specialized goods, Steve's company uses a third-party service that provides a Flash-based image viewer to display extra-large product images and allow visitors to zoom, pan, and so forth. Occasionally, the product images would get out-of-synch, so Steve was tasked with writing a script to ensure that images on the vendor's server matched images on the in-house server.

Determining which images were on the vendor's server was fairly easy; it just involved a HTTP Request with a product number in the querystring. The service responds with a comma-delimited list of image paths, like so:


However, Steve was interested in more than just the image paths and asked if they could send back more data - file size, heading, caption, etc - and wrap it in some XML format. They assured him that they'd do their best and, a few weeks later, released their latest XML-based API. And that same request now returned this...

<IMAGE_SET value="/p604332/front.jpg,/p604332/back.jpg,/p604332/back-alt.jpg,/p604332/in-use.jpg" />

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