Chris got this error while playing around with Xcode. Though he could prove to the contrary, he was given no choice other than to agree.


"If there was only an option between 5 hours and 136.102 years this would be perfect!" writes Alan.


Dan got confused when trying to get the KBB value of his girlfriend's car. He couldn't find anywhere on the vehicle which accessory package number she had.


"I know the phone companies like to lock us into long contracts," remarks Neil, "but now they're billing me for my calls five years in the future!"


Steve D. wonders, "Who on earth stores phone numbers in a numeric field?"


"I had an error trying to download an ISO from Microsoft's TechNet," writes Chris, "Something tells me that phone number won't reach the MSDN helpdesk."


This one arrived anonymously. One would think that the submitter's name would be at the bottom of the receipt, but well...


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