"This was in the appetizers section. I wonder if they do 1920x1200 for an entree," wrote Semaj.


"I'd love to see what Amazon has to say when I actually backup my images to Cloud Drive!," writes Connor


Ryan K. wrote, "Went to activate my shiny new copy of Acunetix WVS, and well, it just wasn't having it."


"I opened an account with T. Rowe Price after succumbing to peer pressure and guilt," writes Sam, "Despite clicking all the options to get emails only, I've now received 1 email from them and 11 postal mailings."


"Seems like the old Opera 12 on Linux doesn't quite support the Roboto font like it should," Pieter Van Nuffel wrote.


"Thankfully, only a small fraction of my money happens to be with ING Direct.," Don writes.


Daniel W. wrote, "Got my reminder card for my next oil change... something tells me the brake inspection needed to happen a long time ago though."


"I'm not gonna touch which one is which," Dan R. writes.


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