"Lime bikes are finally in my city! Let's pay for it...So if my USD balance goes below GBP 0 it'll top up with ...AUD?" Ben writes.


"I tried to log in to a certain hotel chain's website and noticed this," wrote Gordon S., "I keep clicking the link and it keeps asking if I'm null...so maybe I really am?"


"Ths sndz intrstng bt i tnk ill pss. my cding iz gd bt tsting is nt," writes Mike S.


Holger K. wrote, "A net income of US $22.1 billion can only be achieved by rigid austerity, like limiting expensive download traffic."


"I'm not sure what version of Firefox I'm running, so I should meet these requirements," Jay B. writes.


"I was looking for the next train to Milan, but I guess I'll be going to some railway company's intranet instead," Michele.


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