Jesse had a "special" co-worker, Rupert. Rupert was the sort of person that thinks they're the smartest person walking the Earth today, and was quite happy to loudly proclaim that everyone else is wrong. Rupert was happy so long as everyone else was ready to bask in his "genius".

Fortunately for Jesse, Rupert left, because he'd received a huge offer for a senior developer role at a different company. Everyone at Jesse's company privately chuckled about it, because this is the kind of code Rupert's genius produced:

protected function getStreet($street) { return $street; } protected function getCity($city) { return $city; } protected function getState($state) { return $state; } protected function getZip($zip) { return $zip; }

Jesse writes:

Rupert, who wrote these methods had the title of senior developer, and was arrogant about it to boot. I could even forgive someone making a mistake like this once, meaning to remove it, and forgetting about it as it got buried within a larger project, but he wrote four methods all of which do nothing and then called them over and over again. He even had the unmitigated gall to say to the entirety of the development team that he was a "world-class coder" at one point. Apparently in his mind "world-class" means "often writes code that does literally nothing."

Well, Rupert's brought his world-class talents to a new employer, so good luck to them. They'll need it.

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