This week we have an unusual number of submissions involving dates or timestamps. That is, the usual sorts of error'ds, but unusually many of them.

Gerald E. chuckled "I do love the back to the future movies. But now I can see Beck from the future."



Steven J. Pemberton , as his mother calls him, snarked about Utilita: "I received this letter from my energy supplier on 10th May, telling me they were going to install a smart meter at my house on 3rd May. (Spoiler: they didn't.) The letter is dated 6th May, so either they think the Doctor is working for them, or the letter has arrived from a parallel universe where time's arrow points in the opposite direction."



I visited Albuquerque last year. It's not a bad little city. For this child of the Cold War, the various museums and historical sites pertaining to atomic testing were unsettling. But despite all the atom-splitting that has gone on in the area. It remains firmly fixed to the space-time continuum, and I assure you that it is indeed in the Mountain time zone, one hour earlier than Los Angeles is. Apparently, one of our auspicious airlines has misplaced it, though. A hungry flier is concerned about the flight duration, wondering "Does this mean there won't be enough time to hand out the little bags of pretzels?"



Usher K. thinks that Tracfone's time machine is unrelated to the bomb. "My phone plan expired 3 years before cell phones were invented!" I hope they aren't still billing you, Usher!



Finally, François P. (the P is for punch card) declared "While 19 years ago witnessed the start of the daily wtf (congratulations!), my files have been on the cloud for 54 years. I'm still not sure which files conflict, but if they've been waiting for 54 years to tell me about this conflict I'm sure it can wait for another year or two."



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