This week at Errr'd we return with some of our favorite samples. A screwy message or a bit of mojibake is the ordinary thing; the real gems are the errors that are themselves error dialogs. We've got a couple of those, and a few of the ordinary sort.

Stealing the worm, pseudoswede Argle Bargle comments "Generally, Disqus works well. I can even imagine the border conditions that cause my time-travel glitch. I'm even glad that the programmers planned for... for just such an emergency. Maybe it's even good programming. It's still very silly."



Insufficiently early Mark Whybird seconds "I am slightly .pst about this." Me three, Mark. It's not exactly false, it's just excruciating.



Meanwhile, Anonymous Anonymous from the Bureau of Redundancy Department, chimes "My heartfelt thanks to VS 2019 for such eloquent diagnostics."



Relentless Ruben L. squawks "I am not sure if I need to install it 7 times (or 10) to get it working right."



Finally, bulldogged Brett , getting a jump on the inevitable 2020* Christmas season supply-chain snafus, growls "I was trying to find out where my kid's present was. Guess the dialog wasn't imported either."


*Is this gag worn out yet? It is, isn't it.

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