It's time to round up a few minor WTFs today. Some are bad, some are just funny, and some make you wonder what the meaning of all of this actually is.

We'll start with Tom W. After winning a promotional contest at a fast food restaurant, he received a confirmation email. Unfortunately, at the top of that email, was the following content in plaintext:

data;initial catalog=teamedition-Staging; persist security info=True;user id=teamedition2021;password=acglrdu9#!%E!; MultipleActiveResultSets=True;App=TeamEdition data;initial catalog=teamedition-production; persist security info=True;user id=teamedition2021;password=acglrdu9#!%E ;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;App=TeamEdition GT10015020 Scanned Code 8P46NNJ4Q8 to be told better luck next time Scanned code BGXTJL7TP5 Exception error Scanned code 9N9D43PK53 Exception error

By the time Tom received the email, the passwords had been changed.

Jaera's company has an API that is stuffed with bugs, but the team is usually responsive and fixes those quickly once they're discovered. The problem Jaera has with the API is that it's just weird. Here's an example message:

[ { "id": "<Standard UUID>", "category": "3", "<Other standard>": "<Stuff here>", "status": 200 } ]

This just combines a bunch of mild annoyances. The HTTP status code is in the body of the JSON document. This endpoint only ever returns one object, but it's wrapped up in an array anyway.

"meowcow moocat" stumbled around this one redundant line of C#:

int LayerMask = 1 << 0;

In this one's defense, I'll actually do something similar when working with color data- rgb = (r << 16 | g << 8 | b << 0)- just to be consisent. But still, it's an odd thing to see just sorta sitting out there when setting something equal to one.

And finally, an Anonymous submitter brings us a question. You may want to trap mouse enter and mouse exit events, but what happens when your Objective-C event handling is more philosophical?

- (void)mouseExisted:(NSEvent*)event { }

This typo, of course, harmed absolutely nothing- the event handler body is empty. But it does make one think about the deep question in life, and whether or not mice exist or are just constructs of the human mind.

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