We got a lot of good submissions this week, including some examples of test-in-prod we're saving for a special edition. Not too many of the usual NaN/Null/Undefined sort, but we did also get a small rash of time failures.

But frist, Henk highlights the curious case of QNAP's email subscription management page (which appears to be outsourced). "QNAP surely does not want to lose me!" he hoped.



And an anonymous Australian athlete announced "To me, this is email marketing done wrong: sending out mhtml files which can't be rendered in an email client like MS Outlook on Windows. It almost feels like they don't want their emails to be seen in an email client. Or maybe they think the world revolves around using Gmail or Outlook in the browser? (or maybe im just old school & like my email client)" I'm betting they don't know the difference between applications and web sites.



Penny-pincher Zac found a limit to his fandom. "I want to watch my favorite baseball team, but I think it is slightly out of my budget."



Hockey Fan Bill T. didn't actually want to watch any of that reality crap anyway, but sometimes an error is so egregious you just have to rant about it. "TNT has a different definition of when days start than I do. 9PM Eastern? That's not even midnight UTC, so they can't blame that one." I'm stumped too.



Time Is An Illusion, alludes gold-hearted Gordon F. , probably. "Yup - another time and date screwup. But how many errors can be crammed into one timestamp? This programming forum has discovered time travel, new relationships between seconds, minutes, hours and days, and xm for when pm and am aren't enough." Until next week. So long!



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