"Believe it or not, I've actually seen less helpful content on StackOverflow," Luc F. writes.


"Apparently they know a lot Tims," writes Ben.


"Adobe Illustrator simply CANT open this SVG file," wrote Samuel W.


"A Google search for 'http error 403' offered me a link to this page as first hit," Peter W. wrote, "Good to know that Knoppix is Good Ol' Windows at heart, and that I can override server-side denials by fixing a DLL on the client."


Dave L. wrote, "After checking my DuneHD media box, I think that I'm going to pass on visiting downtown Reading."


"With an offer like that, who needs deals?", wrote Eagle A.


"Experts unsure whajavascript:void(0)t future will bring?", wrote Adam B., "They must be pretty lame experts, as I'm pretty sure that void brings nothing."


"Either anonymize to protect the innocent or don't to humiliate the guilty," Bert writes.


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