Jason M. wrote, "A city park has a computer problem so unsolvable, that they made a sign about it."


"So, does this mean that they owe me 14 photos?" writes Zahid H.


Mark W. wrote, "Sure, let's blame the kernel for why the bus is late. Why not?"


"After uninstalling Visual Studio Enterprise, I was surprised to learn that a reboot could bring it back," writes Daniel W.


"This stylus has some sweet features," wrote Joe L.


"I'm not so sure if my baby will like this new 'F...ckwheat' flavor," writes Toby J..


Dan M. wrote, "Went looking for credit card info, and had a flashback to the torment of high school Latin."


"The company I work for is a food distributor, and I manage our website," Russ writes, "Apparently, we now offer 'delete meat'."


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