Baby Boomer Eric D. accidentally shares the prototypical Gen X experience, this time via Pella windows. "I guess I can't actually buy stuff because I'm in the unlucky 55-64 age band." Welcome to irrelevance, Eric!



Regular contributor Pascal has found another failure of Google's online calculator. "Apparently, the number line has changed slightly since I went to school." Mathematica it ain't.



Tester Andrew H. tentatively notes "I'm not sure if that's a good score or not. But at least the test completed without errors....oh!"



An anonymous race critic opines "The only way to make EuroNASCAR worse is to implement the timing graphics in Excel."



Carl who still uses Facebook says "I clicked Like, and the error message speaks for itself." Hey, it's not wrong.



Ordinarily I wood avoid submissions where the WTF isn't obvious, but I'm making an exception for this item from reader Tim R.. It's a head scratcher. He writes "Gmail's 'undo send' feature is really useful. Usually after using it, it takes you back into draft mode with the email open. In this instance, after a couple of 'reloading...' dialogs, I just got this picture of a fence. The email was just plain text with no attachments so I have no idea where the picture came from."



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