Jobhunter Quentin G. is finding the current labor market to be very challenging. Says he: "The job sounds cool, but that would be quite a salary cut."



An anonymous traveler reports "Melbourne Airport has a snazzy new website - all very stylish indeed. But good luck finding departure info for your flight if it leaves between 23:30 and midnight, as the departure time filter seems to stop dead at 23:30." Or is it the case that there simply are no departures in that interval?



Willy writes of question two and three "they're certainly confusing…"



I don't understand one word of the letter below but regular reader Máté explains it well enough. "Good to know that the Hungarian tax authority now supports online payments, but I wonder how many people managed to click the pay now link in their printed letter..."



Poor Adam R. has had his feelings hurt by a mean website. "JetBlue is being rather brusque to me to tell me that I don't have any upcoming trips booked." Hopefully his name up in lights on the Error'd marquee will improve his day. Bon Weekend à tous.



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