A couple of mojibakes and only one really awful pun this week. This editor was in Texas for the week and just can't escape the John Wayne references.

Long-time listener, first-time caller Bruno shared his first submission after 20 years and ran into a bit of a hitch, which we're saving for a special episode. But here's his historic snark: "It's not that often that we see errors in Big Name Games on TDWTF. Well, the lastest heir to the Borderlands series of games is Tiny Tina Wonderland, and it delivers. Of course, it also delivers a way to optimize your inventory, because that's in the Borderlands genes. However, this was an [endgamebold] first: I still kept the legendary, sorry ;-)" Thanks, Bruno!



Cole T. shared a bit of code salad "I went to order an AmazonBasics USB hub from Amazon, but the second I typed b a s, this appeared. Mojibake suits Amazon's fly-by-night white-label nature pretty well."


Foo AKA Fooo (who announced he wants to be known only as Foo AKA F. but we're outing him) found a bit of mojibake at Comedy Central Germany



Daniel D. from .sk, ran into a snag while registering with Afternic. Explains he: "Afternic registration process is quite broken. They won't allow any other characters than alphanumeric in a company name. That means no spaces, hyphens, commas or periods. Indeed, their understanding of lingua latina is a bit weird as Latin characters do indeed come with spaces. But maybe they just apply security by obscurity, so company name such as InternationalBusinessMachines looks like a class from programming language?" I wonder if Daniel's keyboard is generating a unicode character for something that looks Latin?



Michael M. "I am always looking forward to the nice spring temperatures in May, but April just drags on forever this year." On this side of the pond, April has been quite nice. Enjoy your May flowers, pilgrim.



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