"Yes, I'd like to have a Quarter Pounder meal with a Coke and a Blue Screen of Death on the side. To go," Bruce W. writes.


"Am I going to be highly satisfied with my XPS system temperature? Well, Dell, I just don't know yet!" writes Ben S.


Steve M. wrote, "According to Chrome-based Microsoft Edge Dev channel, it's got 0 x 256 problems, but revealing my name ain't one."


"Dear Micsrosoft - Change text to 'bowling alley', please and thank you," writes Maxwell D.


Kosti J. wrote, "Wow! Some great deals in this AliExpress campaign, such as ...a cycling clothing set at a 138% markup!"


"At work, we use a pretty filthy iPad to work our coffee machine. Right now, there's an iOS update between me and my caffeine...and, well, I don't like it," Roger G. writes.


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