Date problems continue again this week as usual, both sublime (Goodreads!) and mundane (a little light time travel). If you want to be frist poster today, you're going to really need that time machine.

Early Bird Dave crowed "Think you're hot for posting the first comment? I posted the zeroth reply to this comment!" You got the worm, Dave.



Don M. sympathized for the poor underpaid time traveler here. "I feel sorry for the packer on this order....they've a long ways to travel!" I think he's on his way to get that minusfirsth post.



Cardholder Other Dave L. "For Co-Op bank PIN reminder please tell us which card, but whatever you do, for security reason don't tell us which card" This seems like a very minor wtf, their instructions probably should have specified to only send the last 4 and Other Dave used all 16.



Diligent Mark W. uncovered an innovative solution to date-picker-drudgery. If you don't like the rules, make new ones! Says Mark, "Goodreads takes the exceedingly lazy way out in their app. Regardless of the year or month, the day of month choice always goes up to 31."



Finally this Friday, Peter W. found a classic successerror. "ChituBox can't tell if it succeeded or not." Chitu seems like the glass-half-full sort of android.



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