• ab (unregistered) in reply to John
    So how did they deal with porting this code to a 16-bit machine?

    The pending 64-bit upgrade must be truly impressive ...

    Obviously, once you get to 16 bits, you write a code generator instead of writing the code by hand. And when you get to 32 bits, you write a code generator for lookup table code instead of if/else code. And so on. Sure, it makes your program a few orders of magnitude larger, but why bother running on a 64-bit machine if your program fits in a few hundred KB?

  • Unfurtunate Donkey (unregistered) in reply to Reggie

    I use bits all the time. Not directly, but, yeah.

  • Freyaday (unregistered) in reply to Reggie
    You have a problem. You think "I know, I'll use bits." Now you have 10 problems.
    Works for any base.

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