• menaceMort (unregistered) in reply to Marc

    A co-worker once told me that his boss at his previous work had handed a janitor at his previous work some hard drives and asked him to burn them. He meant burning the contents to CDRs, but the janitor went to the local garbage dump and had them burnt, litteraly.

  • foolnar (unregistered)

    ... and I thought the rule was to never expose an optical disc to the possibility of circular scratches...

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    reminds me of a story: a stupid employee was CERTAIN that the ONLY proper way to install Windows7 on a new computer was to FIRST install WIndows 1, THEN upgrade it to windows 2, THEN upgrade to Windows 3, etc. etc. EVERY one of his coworkers repeatedly told him daily NOT to do this, but he kept doing it to EVERY computer he worked with...

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