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    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture? With a Minor in Spreading Bullsh*t. Perfect for the world of IT Consulting.

    Adds more credability to the old joke about the meaning of PhD.

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    The wooden tabletop is part of the actual degree probably :P

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    "Gordon Freeman, it IS you!"

  • Azeem Jiva (unregistered)

    Hey that's where I got my undergrad as well!

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    For great justice ....

  • Stiggy (unregistered)

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    You requested a license key to be updated. Your request has been completed. Your request may not have been completed.
    I postulate that Schroedinger's cat wrote (and did not write) this webapp.
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    The real WTF is ...

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    Hmmm, a "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in Computer Science"

    It springs to mind that this guy has a promising career in one of two fields:

    1/ Adding natural scenery (trees, bushes, etc) to 3d environments such as games. 2/ Growing a server farm.

    Personally, I find both to sound fun :P

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    Big Brother is watching you watching US!

  • Keith (unregistered)

    I knew Second Life was becoming quite big these days, but big enough to have specialised degrees?

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    And the Oscar goes to...

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    I wonder if those degrees also come in Portrait...

  • dkf (unregistered)

    About 87 hours battery life? Wow! I want one! (I might even put up with Vista.... Hah! Just kidding. No Vista.)

  • whatzhisface (unregistered)

    I am sure the degree was just a cut and paste error. Your sitting there, typing degree's all day long. Who wouldn't take a short cut now and then?

  • (cs) in reply to whatzhisface
    I am sure the degree was just a cut and paste error. Your sitting there, typing degree's all day long. Who wouldn't take a short cut now and then?
    I would think "Bachelor of Science" or "Bachelor of Arts" would already be a part of the template...
  • AndStuff (unregistered) in reply to Claxon
    The real WTF is ...
    VB of course.
  • N (unregistered)

    Looks like someone took the concept of not giving useful information to the client/potential attacker too far.

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    Ahhh, Websense...

    I work on a WebSphere Portal development team. Portal's URLs generally contain a lot of navigational state information. To the untrained eye (e.g., our content-filtering software) this is nothing more than a bunch of random characters.

    Occasionally, that "random" text will happen to include some word that trips the content filter. I have, for instance, been denied access to Portal's administration pages because they contain pornography.

  • Whitey (unregistered)
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  • mauhiz (unregistered)

    That unfinished message reminds me of ...

  • Johnathan (unregistered)

    While not completely in vein with the first pic, it did remind me of something. Before I could get my soul crushed at a job, the diploma office went ahead and did it for me.

    I liked to pretend that the creation of my diploma was a meticulous process. Care was taken to make sure everything was right. A thousand Valkyries came down Valhalla to hand the sacred paper cut made from a branch of Yggdrasil The president, careful to not soil the good name representing on this ticket, used his specialized diploma ink specifically for his name. Hurrahs were raised and explosions were made in the honor of this sole diploma. And the process would repeat. Forever. Life would be grand!

    So when I realized they misspelled my name on the diploma, spelling it "Jonathan" rather than "Johnathan" (A mistake that happens all the damn time), I was almost mortified. What would I do? Surely this would take weeks to mend! Nevertheless, I calmed myself and started the process over.

    A day later, I went to the diploma office and told them the error of her ways. An older lady, popping her gum, looked at it briefly and said "One sec." She grabbed a piece of paper from a stack of a familiar shade. "Oh no, she's not going to-- Is she?"

    On an older HP Laserjet Printer in the middle of the basement office, my diploma was remade in its correct form. I didn't say anything for a minute. Distraught, I simply took my new diploma with a polite "Thank you" and hastily left the room. I even got to keep the typo copy. Still, the illusion, however thin it was, had been ruined forever.

    It only occurred to me later that I should have asked for five or six more copies for people by the name of "Simon Belmont" and "Gordon Freeman". I wonder if I go back and do that now...

  • WRP (unregistered)

    Too bad he's not an Associate of Landscape Architecture in Computer Science. That'd be, backwards, S.C.A.L.A.

    Yes, I'm a nerd.

  • Architecture is my major (unregistered)

    Well, I can understand somewhat how this happened.

    Cal Poly, and a few other schools, offer 3 Bachelors programs. The usual Bachelors of Arts (B.A.), Bachelors of Science (B.S.) and a third, Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch.). B.Arch. is reserved for accredited architecture degree programs (for licensing purposes) and only students of Architecture should be receiving it.

    At Cal Poly, the Landscape Architecture program is part of the same department as Architecture, but still, someone screwed the pooch on this one.

    *disclaimer: I have a Bachelors of Architecture in Architecture.

  • (cs)

    Chris Gocong minored in QB sacks at Cal Poly. I would like to see that on a diploma.

  • duh (unregistered) in reply to Nazca

    Landscape Architecture in the computer science world is what you refer to the layout of your dev -> testing -> qa -> prod environments and how you migrate changes throughout the entire "landscape".

  • duh (unregistered) in reply to duh
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  • alex (unregistered)

    bachelor of...

    i think more of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and building supercomputers like earth ;-)

  • whatzhisface (unregistered) in reply to elias

    When did Computer Science get added to the template?

  • spork 2000 (unregistered)

    Obviously, when ....

  • thoughtful (unregistered)

    Interesting security . . . two character state blacked out. So let's start with the biggest and work our way down, shall we?

  • Walleye (unregistered)

    We can neither confirm nor deny that your request has been completed.

  • thrax (unregistered)

    Someone has to decide where to plant the b-trees.

  • Berislav (unregistered)

    Landscape architecture in IT is a very important specialty, and has to be distinguished from the portrait architecture.

  • Travis Reitter (unregistered)

    The mix-up with the degree is probably due to Cal Poly's department abbreviations:

    CS -> Crop Science CSC -> Computer Science

    At most universities, "CS" means "computer science", but crop science has been around at Cal Poly much longer, so it still holds onto "CS".

    Somebody probably just mixed the two up when generating the degrees.

  • Richard P. (unregistered)

    Its CalPoly not PolyTech.

    Also, while the above poster might be right about the reasoning behind Computer Science being CSC instead of CS, he is wrong about the reason. Crop Science is in the College of Agriculture, not the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

    And at CalPoly, Computer Science (CSC) is in the College of Engineering.

  • orion (unregistered) in reply to thoughtful
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  • (cs) in reply to Nazca
    Growing a server farm.
    Will the cattle run Linux?
  • Dave (unregistered) in reply to ParkinT
    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture? With a Minor in Spreading Bullsh*t. Perfect for the world of IT Consulting.

    Adds more credability to the old joke about the meaning of PhD.

    At the PhD level the B.LA becomes a Doctorate in Cruel and Unusual Geography, so it doesn't quite apply any more.

  • Aniko (unregistered)

    I would like to say that...

  • Steve (unregistered)

    I went to Cow Patty . . . er, I mean Cal Poly. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Do they still give degrees in Onrymental Hornyculture there?

  • jayh (unregistered)

    "the websense category government is filtered"

    I certainly explains a lot that government employees are blocked from reading about government.

  • Bah (unregistered)

    Anybody care to take a shot at what that URL is? I'll give you an average of 25 guesses...

  • Jb (unregistered)

    You know, during those two summers I spent doing landscaping, I regularly wished I was programming instead. I never dreamt that I could keep doing landscaping AND do programming.

    It conjures images of using a laptop while digging with a backhoe. I suppose it could be fun until you have to address the lost of life and property that results....

  • Bryan Price (unregistered)

    We have to mark out the website? We've got 50 chances to hit, and I see that I've already struck oil with NY.

    Although evidently now the states are free to use stuff like ohio.gov instead of state.oh.us. That wasn't true 7 years ago when I was in the state system. We had ohio.gov grandfathered in, but the lonely little departments were banished to state.oh.us.

  • Websense Hater (unregistered)

    WebSense is such crap, and it is down to the lack of quality of their blocklists.

    You can visit theDailyWTF, but not see images in articles (e.g. screenshots etc) because they come from a server beginning with "img.". They deem those to be like Flickr or something I guess.

    They block any blogs at blogspot or typepad as 'social or personal sites' even if they are programming/tech blogs.

  • BJ Upton (unregistered) in reply to andreyvul
    Growing a server farm.
    Will the cattle run Linux?

    Yes, Moo-buntu...

    Sadly, this is old and my pun will die alone

  • Betsy Schwartz (unregistered) in reply to Nazca

    Although I assume this particular sheet of paper was a mistake, Landscape Architecture these days can be very computer-intensive and it's certainly possible to combine the two (although more often at the graduate level). Landscape Architecture today involves Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Decision Support Systems, Computer Aided Design, Mapping, modeling of both individual structures and complex systems.... and yes, developing landscapes for the gaming and film industries...

    Betsy (Harvard Graduate School of Design Unix Sysadmin)

  • anonymous (unregistered)

    Hmm, "commerce.health.state.ny.us" has a website. "commerce.health.state.de.us" is only for email. None of the others exist.

  • Meredith (unregistered) in reply to Nazca

    You don't think it means he's an expert with Punch! Home Design software?

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