• Da’ Man (unregistered)

    And the RWFT is that they used a 'RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK' (U+201D) instead of 'DOUBLE PRIME' (U+2033) to indicate inches, which is totally wrong.

  • mabinogi (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that everyone wants to comment on the slightly unfamiliar (but perfectly correct) English in the ATM Error'd, but is apparently completely fine with:

    I was able to make due with a 1/4" bit."
  • Jeremy (unregistered) in reply to CHR.
    (Rim shot)

    You guys are ATM/A2M obsessed!

  • aaa (unregistered) in reply to ParkinT

    how about trying 1.#QNAN? It doesn't quite meet the requirements, but is at least neither less than 1 nor greater than -1

  • America: F**K YA! (unregistered) in reply to dignissim

    Jus visit any tral'r pawk or down by 'da rivva and somebody nice'll show ya' the way. 'Specially if'n you arr'ive with a grum'blin gut and no coin and y'all see fer yerself. En Kan'na'da sum folks call 'dem bluenecks, er po' white trash but thems are Willie Nelzon luv'in North Amer'cans tu"

  • Anonymous (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that when browsing TRWTF just bellow the "You must not be an administrator..." message box screen, there is a title that says "We are all administrators.."

  • mainframe gamer (unregistered)

    "zipcodes are all 5 digits"

    Use "000000".

  • Vermis (unregistered) in reply to Bobbo
    "Popped over the road"? "Cash point"?

    Nice to see somebody using that term for a change, instead of ATM. We'll all be driving automobiles soon!

    "ATM Machine" is a topic for another day...

    But without ATM machines, how would we make new ATMs? By hand?

  • Jonathan Wilson (unregistered) in reply to jdw

    Cash points used to use things like OS/2 and various other such things.

    But the reason they run Windows (usually Windows Embedded) these days is so they can run a more modern fancy UI than the old UIs they used in the green-screen days. Not just a fancy UI but one that lets them run ads (credit cards, home loans etc) whilst you wait for your money to appear.

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