• Anonymous (unregistered)

    Why would a religion need Ads? Could they be selling something?

  • Dennis C. Fait (unregistered) in reply to EvanED

    I've had advertisements on three different web sites for two years and haven't yet made a dime off them. I finally removed them all.

    Are you making any money from the ads?

  • nautsch (unregistered) in reply to jeff the axe murderer

    Do this with fastdial Addon installed. don't know where the error lies.

  • Fred Kelly As Bunny (unregistered)

    Rock on, i say more ads. You need to take the nascar approach, think "fig newtons" from taledega nights.

  • iusto (unregistered)

    Omg, the bad side of having ads blocked is that you're out when people is talking about obnoxius ads :( Sorry, alex, i can't follow step #4, i'm not using AdBlock (nor a similar one).

  • (cs)

    I block ads by default because, as you said, they are mostly annoying. I have no problem unblocking ads that are less annoying. I've disabled AdBlock for TDWTF. They aren't that bad.

  • BadFellas.org (unregistered)

    I hope you will still read this after over 150 comments, but may I recommend Project Wonderful? (http://www.projectwonderful.com) I've been using it to advertise, not to let others advertise on my site, but I think you can approve of ads before they go online. Check it out if you want to, it might be of use to you :)

  • Andrew Theist (unregistered)

    I thought the advert for scientology was the WTF

  • (cs)

    So, let me see if I understand this right: Firefox requires all images, etc, to be loaded before showing the webpage. Is that correct?

  • mariushm (unregistered)

    I'd rather have a 728x90 ad under the article, than above, gray, and having the rest of the screen on the left and right unused.

  • seebs (unregistered)

    Scientology's spamming EVERYTHING with ads, probably because their evil cult stats are down something like 94% over last year.

    Anonymous delivers. L. Ron Hubbard was a drug-addled psychopath.

  • Brett (unregistered)

    What ads, I don't see any ads :)

  • will (unregistered) in reply to snoofle

    "I can't install FF - don't have admin permissions @ work and have safari/osx at home - what does this do? "

    Then do what the rest of do. Download a copy of firefox, and other apps, from places like http://portableapps.com/, bring to work via CD/DVD, copy to a desktop folder and you are good to go.

  • moiristo (unregistered)

    Excuse me, but could you please alter the code for the 'sponsored by' div to a non-fixed height? I have disabled the ads, but it's still 640px high..

  • Marty Grass (unregistered)

    Wtf? I think Scientology has been doing "Get the facts" a heck of a lot longer than M$. And what makes you think only celebs have an interest in Scientology? Your diagram is nothing more than a cover for your obvious religious intolerance.

    And I'm not the dude from Omaha.

  • (cs)

    There are ads? I hadn't noticed.

  • Steve (unregistered)

    I disabled Adblock for your site. I actually let google ads in general go through, which means I only disable them for one particular customer ID number, and only when they're AWFUL.

    So, thank you.

  • Nick (unregistered)

    I block googlesyndication.com (among others) as a matter of course, so the only ads I'll see are those hosted on your domain.

  • Wowbagger (unregistered)
    1. I so not hate advertising, but I do dislike it. I hate Flash advertising.

    2. I am a Scientologist, and I am not from Omaha.

    3. Why would they want to display advertisements about Scientology on sites whose readers are Scientologists?

  • blackd (unregistered) in reply to jeff the axe murderer

    I´ll greasemonkey that :)

  • meitemark (unregistered)

    The only ad-network I'm not going to block (and I'm a daily tdwtf lurker) is Project Wonderful. Why? Most of the ads are perfect timewasters such as webcomics.

  • Ren (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that with adblock on I never notice any of those.

  • fuffuf (unregistered)

    dude, have you ever heard of AdBlock?

  • Guillaume (unregistered)

    Hey Paris you read me ?

    I'm picturing her, trying to understand : "Why is 'a /= 0;' a WTF? Why!? oh, whatever... let's get drunk."

  • stEvil (unregistered)

    Ad Block Pro ftw! No adds for me thank you

  • Crabs (unregistered) in reply to jeff the axe murderer
    If using firefox, paste this into the address bar, all one long line:


    Not going to lie, this trick is making want to start using Firefox instead of Opera.

  • cod3_complete (unregistered) in reply to Mikkel
    I don't mind you putting up ad, but please don't put any gifs up and host them on your own system!

    I use adblock, not because I want to rob publishers of their money, but because I'm sick and tired of waiting for some obscure adserver.de to serve up the image so firefox can render the page.

    Also lately quite a lot of ad-rotation systems have been serving up viruses

    Mikkel your post about the ad-rotation systems is very interesting.Just last month my PC got infected with a virus after I visited a site that was totally infested with obnoxious bannner ads. I had no idea that the ads themselves were a potential vulnerability. Only thing that I can imagine is that the ads might contain fuzzed gif files that are meant to crash IE and cause a stack overflow so it can install and execute the virus. I'm just glad that I installed a new antivirus suite that just blocks most all popups and banner ads. Phew the pages load faster and all that! Oh and it wouldn't hurt to use ff more.

    Captcha: jugis This phrase puts dirty thoughts in my mind...

  • Anonymous Cowherd (unregistered)

    Oh god, what's that pokemon one down from the middle? Above the blue guy? AND WHY ISN'T HE WEARING PANTS?

  • The Wanderer (unregistered) in reply to Mikkel
    I use adblock, not because I want to rob publishers of their money, but because I'm sick and tired of waiting for some obscure adserver.de to serve up the image so firefox can render the page.


    There are two primary reasons I use Adblock:

    • To avoid ad loading times (and, by association, rendering times - which are usually much less, but can be significant on some pages).

    • To avoid the memory and other system load caused by e.g. Flash ads (which can, again, be significant on some pages).

    Avoiding actually seeing the ads is a secondary benefit at best, and can actually be a bad thing in some cases. (For instance, I would never have known there was an Irish Girl if people hadn't been commenting on her so vocally.)

    That's for banner-type ads and the like, of course - things like the "double green underscore" ads are an entire other level of irritating.

  • Ruben (unregistered)

    Well, Alex, I don't care.

    AdBlock works well, also on this website. I never click ads and I still won't if they're targeted ads which actually don't exist. So since I don't 'make use' of ads I can prevent them from slowing down page loading and annoying me by AdBlock Plus! (applaudes).

    Ask for donations. I would be glad to support TDWTF on a cleaner way.

  • GrandmasterB (unregistered)


    Have you thought about dumping google and using real ad networks? ie, Casale, Tribal Fusion, etc? Time to take off the blogger training wheels! You should already be getting well above the traffic they require. You'll get, in general, better quality ads and higher CPMs than google.

  • Moo (unregistered)

    AdBlock was a requirement for TDWTF with the inline ads. Also most ads were annoying. Thats one problem down, now if only you would change CM systems.

  • (cs) in reply to jeff the axe murderer
    jeff the axe murderer:
    If using firefox, paste this into the address bar, all one long line:


    Note that there's an error which my browser complained about - the e[j2] near the end should be e2[j2] (fixed in the Quote above). (BTW: Works in Konqueror, too)

  • Ari (unregistered)

    I'll keep the ads here unblocked if they're decent (as they are right now). Otherwise I block almost all ads... hate thos annoying blinking banners and crap.

  • Olivier de Rivoyre (unregistered)

    Merci Alex

  • sven (unregistered)

    I adblock everything anyway...

  • (cs)

    Oh nice, you've axed off the Scientology ads! Those were the ones that really, really got me annoyed. Especially given the controversy surrounding that "channel", which was allowed to live while Xenutv2 was killed.

    The text ads are funny though, I remember finding one for Caché as "C Database" or something like that ... in the MUMPS article. Priceless!

  • Andrew H (unregistered) in reply to Eric J ay

    Same here.

  • (cs) in reply to Eric J ay
    Eric J ay:
    I have to admit, thanks to Adblock Plus, I didn't even notice that you had sold out. After reading this post, though, I'm going to disable it on TDWTF.
    Since he asked nicely AND has my frazzled nerves in mind, I've also disabled AdBlock Plus. Here only, of course. If there's a single ad that moves, it's back the way it was. My peripheral vision is very sensitive.
  • Francis (unregistered) in reply to jeff the axe murderer

    I did you one picture better.

  • (cs) in reply to danixdefcon5
    Oh nice, you've axed off the Scientology ads! Those were the ones that really, really got me annoyed. Especially given the controversy surrounding that "channel", which was allowed to live while Xenutv2 was killed.

    The text ads are funny though, I remember finding one for Caché as "C Database" or something like that ... in the MUMPS article. Priceless!

    His first C database ... Priceless.

    For everything else, there's MUMPS.

  • Vartan (unregistered)


  • Vartan (unregistered) in reply to Vartan


    Oh, and forgot this one (please excuse the double post): [image]

    My Adblock is disabled... dunno.

  • Indima (unregistered)

    Yeah, a lot of serious organisations would like to advertise on a site that use profanities already in the URL... Are you really that much in need of money, that the measly pennis you get from online advertising will matter for you? That's the real what the fuck.

  • IByte (unregistered)

    Good news, Alex: I don't even have AdBlock installed on this system! I do have Flashblock and Noscript, though, which take out pretty much anything that's more intrusive than Ads by Google...

    (For fans of the Bustedtees banners: How about this one? http://3.content.bustedtees.com/d1/bt/b/6/bustedtees.199f34aba940d2ae1dbd76f65fba5adc.jpg )

  • OBloodyhell (unregistered)

    why the marketing folks at The Church chose the same tagline as Microsoft’s “Get The Facts” campaign

    Simple: There's only one fact associated with Scientology. "It's bullsh**"

    Hence, the advert had that in common with the others, an amazing lack of validity of any kind.

  • case64 (unregistered)

    Just before i read this article i noticed an ad for slick edit and went to the site and am now considering buying it :) Advertising is a good thing.

  • TobiasTheCommie (unregistered) in reply to Eric J ay

    Step 1 : Disable ABP done and done

  • Brent (unregistered)

    Its a deal, Alex. While my hosts file still blocks all your old crappy ads, the new ones have started coming in, and I don't mind ads for development tools and useful products.

    Thanks for being cool about it. Your candor is appreciated.

  • anonymous (unregistered)

    Scientology? Try Sunbelt Software! It's full of them, from Eckelberry on down.

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