• (cs) in reply to mike
    I've never worked there, but for everything I've heard about it, it's Andersen Consu... I mean, Accenture.

    Oh yeah, that's definitely Accenture. >_<;

  • Teresa (unregistered)

    She was getting paid to stay home - what was the problem?? Give the number of this firm and I'll sign up with them straight away! :-)

  • Jean (unregistered) in reply to tgape

    Sounds like Compuware.

  • Jordan (unregistered)

    The TWTF is that Sally hasn't told us where to send our CVs.

  • Baktru (unregistered) in reply to Hourly Paid

    Of course, in most of Europe such a contract would not be legal.

    If you're at one of those big consulting firms, and you're benched, you are still entitled to full pay.

    A friend of mine had a two month stint like that.

    Where I was working, we had a major reorg (mergers, company split etc.) resulting in my job going to the other company, but not me. And this applied for 6 of us. The six of us were paid full time at consulting fees by the other company for support to the new team. We usually had about 2 mandays worth of work to do every day.. For the six of us yes.

    It was fun for a few months but that gets really old really fast.

  • Baktru (unregistered) in reply to Baktru
    Of course, in most of Europe such a contract would not be legal.

    That was a reply to someone saying benched consultants getting paid a lot less..

  • jdraymon (unregistered)

    sounds like my job.... got hired a year ago with 7 other "batches" of about 20 programmers each; we get assigned to odd internal projects to pass the time until we land the clients but for the most part we're just sitting around, doing nothing and helping this non US company attract tax breaks from the state and the county.... I don't mind the nothing but it does get a bit tedious, since we actually have to come in

  • jdraymon (unregistered) in reply to jdraymon

    All of us entry level, btw.... some of us were hired before graduation

  • grepcat (unregistered)

    When I was 20 years old working for a tech based consulting firm I was benched between jobs, the longest being the three months previous to the closing of the company. I had to come into the office, but I got a LOT of reading done. I started telling people I read the internet for a living.

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