• Katastrofa (unregistered)

    Crying and screaming just because of a few insects? What a pussy.

  • Furiant (unregistered)

    At least their server got crawled on a regular basis.

  • (cs) in reply to Jerry
    Some Jerk:
    Hmmm, does absolutely nothing on my computer. I have NoScript. It's like Raid, but for computers.
    You mean it stops them working properly? I agree.
  • null (unregistered) in reply to bkDJ

    Is that the way we live out lives now? Googlecentrism... How could we ever live without the Google search engine or the Internet for that matter? I hate for anyone to be forced to produce an original thought.

  • Sectoid Dev (unregistered) in reply to Jim
    3. I preffer to remove the hair from my rabits before I eat them, for the same reason I preffer women with a good hair cut.

    I insist women shave before I do any eating....

    I prefer a little bit of fuzz on the peach. It reminds me I'm not eating off the kid's menu.

  • Peter (unregistered) in reply to null
    Did you see the phrase "just burn the whole building with fire? What does that mean to you? Please read, comprehend, and only then react.
    Yes, I saw the whole phrase. To me, it means apply fire (i.e. not acid, lasers, or anthing else that might cause burning) to the building so that it burns (not necessarily burns down). Does that sound as though I comprehended the phrase? And if so, is it okay for me to have reacted?
  • pants (unregistered)

    "The rent must be cheap," Alex mused as he pulled into the muddy field that served as a landing page. He guided his browser into a spot beside another user, which happened to be up on blocks. The web site he was here to visit was an ASP.Net blog that had started rotting before Alex was born and didn't intend to stop until well after he was dead.

    It wasn't a very nice story. Alex was there because thedailywtf posted it, and the handful of commenters located at this site depended on its local pedantry for grammar advice. Sometime over the weekend, the pedantry failed, and now he needed to fix it.

    Alex clicked on the story and an unidentifiable miasma punched him right in the olfactory receptors. While his guard was down, it followed up with a few solid shots to his stomach. The place was a sty. The writing errors overflowed onto the floor, and every horizontal surface was piled high with empty metaphors and stock phrases. You could spot the html comments because they were indentations in the mountains of trash.

    Alex swallowed bile and considered asking to see the bathroom before proceeding to the full article. Then he thought about what he might see in the bathroom and decided that he'd just hold onto his lunch the hard way. The article was a closet in the back of the site. He waded back and opened the door.

    The article holding the real wtf was off. Alex hit the link, hoping that would be that, but it remained off. He reached behind it and confirmed that the cable was plugged in. While his hand was back there, something brushed across it. Alex closed his eyes and told himself it was nothing more than a stray cable. Nothing more.

    Since the server was plugged in, Alex unplugged it and popped the miasma off.

    Then he proceeded to scream like a little girl falling of a cliff into lava. A legion of unicorns poured out of the now open server, fleeing the light in favor of the dark corners of the story page, and they took the shortest route to get there: directly across Alex's hands.

    After a lot of screaming, more crying than he'd admit to, and a path in Purell and gasoline, Alex went back to examine the damage. The inside of the story reminded him of the office outside, although this time the piles of garbage were dead unicorns and stacks of unicorn eggs. Probably because of how warm it got, the unicorns had built the main portion of their nest right on the miasma.

    There was no point in replacing the story until the office got a full decontamination. Alex heard that they got the place cleaned up and the unicorns exterminated, but for some reason, no one ever told him to go back there.

  • Meep (unregistered) in reply to Anon
    Fuzzy McDuck:
    The irony is that RAID is also a pest and insect control product.

    Jokes are always funnier when somebody needlessly explains them.

    I see what you did there.

  • a (unregistered) in reply to Cbuttius

    genius.. pure genius.

  • JJ (unregistered) in reply to sdaz
    Has anyone told sales that there is at least one problem that a RAID can't solve?
    World Hunger?
    The aqueduct?
  • Sri (unregistered) in reply to Cbuttius

    ha ha ha, what a PJ!

  • Floo (unregistered)

    Hehe some other kind of Bugs....

  • outis (unregistered)

    Fun story about coffee: a friend's sister was enjoying a cup. When she went to dump the grounds, she found a dead cockroach. A dead female cockroach. Along with an empty egg capsule.

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