• Luiz Felipe (unregistered) in reply to ubersoldat
    I've got a confession to make: I ______ MS Access ______

    I was going to write "I wrote MS Access applications" but then I couldn't. I just can define how dirty I felt, it was like losing my virginity because of being raped.

    And then I met PHP... Generation X sucks!!!

    Access is the better case tool that always existed. Why manually "code" in java when all you have to do is make the database and use the wizard to create CRUD applications.

    Obviously, this takes aways all the fun of work. No need for overbloated XML arquitetures, no need for expensive IOC containers, no need for messy little shit hibernate`s ORMs. and no need for overenginered object oriented designs.

    Also, php sucks, where is the static typing. you take my static typing, take also these stinks OO classes with you, and return to me my beloved GOTO.

  • Kimberly (unregistered)

    Something done in response to a "I can't figure this out, so I know you can't either" thing from a programming friend: http://pastebin.com/8HhRySj3

    It was written in an afternoon, and 'works', but I'd recommend against using it anywhere. Especially if you value any of the data going into it.

  • just me (unregistered)

    11000110001111100101010111100010000111010111000111110 u gt it right

  • L. (unregistered) in reply to Ellison
    "At a time when one had so many other options like having an actually centralized database server, a real application and stuff, Access was the best choice for those who understood only windows and thought fail was acceptable."

    You're assuming that these options WERE available. Some business cases evaluated upon the basis of current skill levels, delivery capability and cost may have arrived at the conclusion that Access was the best choice available.

    "Yes, you can do a lot in Excel or Access, but it's not a reason to do it" - I would leave that decision to those forming and approving the business case. I would give strong reasons for not using them, but until I know the context for which they are being considered, immediately discounting them without reason is presumptuous.

    "people who believed like you used it for corporate solutions" - in many organisations, it provided a solution for the problem definition at that time. Now the situation has changed and the organisation has matured, more time/money/skill may be available to redevelop the current (unscalable) solution into something more robust. People who believe small problems requiring an enterprise-strength solution from the outset are guilty of enormous wastage through over-engineering and extending the ROI period.

    Horses for courses and all that.

    (how the hell do you fix quoting in this CMS?)

    Sure I could have a comprehensive attitude and a well-formed opinion .. On the other hand, fuck it.

    Seriously, if people like you stopped tolerating crap, we wouldn't have so many problems in the end.

    So many layers of tolerance caused so many layers of inefficiency, now you need powerful servers to run a friggin beancounter system ... seriosuly wake up, your tolerance has gone way too far.

  • a C64 user and proud of it (unregistered) in reply to Rootbeer

    Mine had 2 SIDs

    Just an additional SID (quite some $$ to buy one at that time) plus a 40's series logic chip for address decode.

    Stereo sound!

    But converting that StarWars Cantina song to play on the two of them was beyond me.

    I was more at hand with the soldering than with the assembler.

    Good Times!

  • anonymouse (unregistered) in reply to Dirty Ole Bastid
    Dirty Ole Bastid:
    How is this different from any other web dev?

    Any other web dev would've checked the input on meta characters.

  • Mike (unregistered) in reply to Daniil S.
    Daniil S.:
    Seems like the author has done one fine job for those days. The most classic is "spending a few hours googling on AltaVista" - it took a while trying to remember days before Google. Seriously, they have enslaved us!!! What did we have besides AltaVista and Yahoo back then? Excite?

    Hotbot and Infoseek were my favorites. Infoseek had a great feature, where you could perform a search then search again within the results. Revolutionary for its time. Then Disney took over and it all went downhill.

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