• David (unregistered)

    These things are completely stupid and unnecessary. For all he knows the license might require him to remove the first party software from the vacuum and add his own. Forcing someone to agree to something that they don't even know what is is stupid. However, there is a simple fix. Steam from heated water + bad sticker = One EULA sticker. Now mail them a letter containing a absurd license and put this sticker on the letter.

  • ysth (unregistered) in reply to random_garbage
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  • John Vance (unregistered)
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  • Merl (unregistered)

    In an interesting twist, the google ads on this site are hooked to the content, so it seems likely that we'll see lots of adds for anything made fun of in the main body of the site (I see 10 Roomba ads at the moment). Sort of a reverse-Google ad search. Sweet!

  • Uri (unregistered) in reply to Coditor

    My Roomba came with all the docs outside the bubblewrap. Only the device was inside the pack. Hence, no algorithmic problem.

    Most roomba's can't be programmed though, so it's kind of dumb. You need the higher end models.

  • Andi S. (unregistered)

    Highlighted for hilarity!

  • kevin (unregistered) in reply to Vertigo

    Dick Gaywoods asshat?

  • Kempeth (unregistered)

    "By accepting this brick through your window you assume liability for all damages caused by its delivery."

  • wholesale jordan shoes (unregistered)
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  • Treavel Expert (unregistered)
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