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    Firefox definitely has serious problems when it comes to file type handling. For types it doesn't care about, you can make them do whatever you like. For built-in types you invariably get useless options for what you want to do with the file.

    I e-mailed myself a .js file and opened it via webmail, and under "What should Firefox do with this file?" I get exactly this:


    Apparently I need a dialog box to be able to choose between Save and Save. It also does the thing where the Save File button dims to make sure I can't save it until I unfocus and refocus the dialog box to get the button to activate.

    (Note also the continuing vertical misalignment problems with the text ...)

    Thunderbird is its own bundle of WTFs but I am so glad to be using a "proper" (?) e-mail client where, thankfully, plain text attachments are all shown inline. Except ... not JavaScript, for which "Open" gives me:


    It might be an OS integration issue. To edit a JScript file I right-click it and select Edit, but Firefox and Thunderbird are not aware of custom context actions in Explorer and don't understand the idea of text/* types being openable in a text editor. Assuming Thunderbird even knew what my text editor was. Mac OS has an editor concept that lets software look up your preferred editor, but not Windows. But everyone has Notepad, right?

    Or, to be leet, look up the file type of .txt (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.txt), say "txtfile", then read HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\shell\open\command and fetch that program's name from its VERSIONINFO. Tada, the user's default text editor. Toss the offending JScript file in its direction.

    (Disclaimer: the above approach may very well be its own WTF ;)

  • Tom (unregistered) in reply to mrprogguy

    It's an excerpt from a string in asp or asp.net.

  • pho (unregistered) in reply to mrprogguy

    that's some code from a code behind file or whatever; he's concatenating strings in what i believe to be c#. it'll actually turn out to be

    ... getDocumentById(theclientidofthetable) ...

    so there's no problem with the quotes (and @ is just the verbatim identifier for strings in c#)

  • Billy (unregistered)

    '!!=, which means "really definitely not equivalent."'

    Surely !!= should mean "not not equivalent"?

  • Moo cows go moo (unregistered)

    All three of these look like cases where they copied a line, then forgot to change it. (Or in the third case, removed the code and forgot to get rid of the check.) The first and third could also be dynamically-generated Javascript code, with the backend having a bug in it.

  • (nodebb)

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