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    More broken English from G. W.:
    I think we've had enough broken English from G.W., thanks very much.
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    The USB Key one is curious because the system font appears to be Asian (it's that monospace Times lettering used in Unicode Chinese and Japanese fonts).

    I can only guess that the program is Chinese and the user is Japanese and doesn't speak Chinese, or vice versa. It certainly does not look like a Latin alphabet desktop.

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    GIF? What's that? Oh... I think they mentioned that on the history channel once. Something about a file format from more than ten years ago, and very limited. Now PNGs... They actually work (assuming your browser isn't broken).
    Yeah, when will people learn? JPEG is a PHOTO format, blah blah blabbity blah PNG is a relatively new format, which handles most kinds of static image well, hee haw, hee haw, bray, bray GIF is an old format, yakkity yak yak yak Don't use GIF!
    Who gives a shit? Clue to the clueless: Look up the term "broadband".
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    I can has dyalog boxx?

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    I sure do sure, as often as I can.

    "ego" (captcha: "quis")

    what did I win?

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    "New hardware" being found on an ATM is slightly alarming. Said new hardware could be a device added by a crook looking to steal account details or money. True, such devices don't normally interface to the existing ATM computer, but they might. I'd definitely make sure the bank know about it.

  • forgottenlord (unregistered)

    Ok, this is a bit late but....

    The second last one: Most of us would agree that while not intuitive, if we saw a dialog box that read: Would you like to do A before doing B? Y/N/C Y = Do A N = Do B C = Do neither

    In this case, A = X or Y - you're still doing X or Y (and it's quite possible X or Y is on the same screen). Unintuitive? No more than the previous example. Bad design? Yes. WTF worthy? Actually, yes. But should this make anyone go "Which button does what here?", not really.

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