• Ashley Sheridan (unregistered)

    Anonymity FAIL! Making the background colour of the text the same colour as the text does not make the number anonymous!

  • oops (unregistered)

    Just select (as if wanting to copy it) the "anonymized" telephone number and it will show in clear! I think the CIA did the same blunder with pdf files were they tried to black out some sensitive information.

  • oops (unregistered) in reply to oops

    Should have read the previous comments...

  • dogmatic (unregistered) in reply to halcyon1234

    or you can just highlight the text and see the number dick wad

  • B (unregistered)

    And if you select the phone number it show.. 214-555-1212

    NICE! :)

  • WTF (unregistered)


    I don't know whether this was intentional or you really didn't know.. I selected the stuff between the double quotes and this showed up as white text in blue selection -


  • RiNWAN (unregistered)

    But the phone number is visible and it is 214-555-1212. Can be viewed by highlighting the text...

  • RiNWAN (unregistered) in reply to RiNWAN

    Sorry, didn't read the earlier comments

  • pl (unregistered) in reply to pjt33

    How about:

    setHomePhoneUnlessNull( "214-555-1212" );


  • Jael Harding (unregistered)

    Just commenting that the phone number with the black box images over it, was actually mentioned as ineffective in a humor-list article on cracked.com; also knowing this or not, in the course of copy/pasting this to my iPod Touch notepad, the full number would show up there too since it won't even take images there...

  • John M (unregistered) in reply to halcyon1234

    Actually, you can narrow that down by knowing there are only 643 exchanges in the 214 area code.

    643 x 10^4 is 6,430,000 possibilities.

    Hey. Why don't we get that program for the IMSAI 8080 that David Lightman used in WarGames to help us! Perfect plan. We'll have this cracked in no time!

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