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    Company names need to be used....:
    Incorrect. The correct response to that is...

    "Here are your keys boss. Wow you can burn the tires on that car, I was able to slide it sideways into the parking spot. I cant wait to try and get a full 360 out of it, can I park it tomorrow?"

    They will never let you touch the keys again. works great.

    I've seen this done, and can attest to its success - even if the actual parking job was performed without touching the gas pedal. (In fact, he slipped it into drive, let the idle build up a little speed, then shifted to neutral the rest of the way. Apparently, Mustangs are good at coasting.)

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  • (cs) in reply to Ilya Ehrenburg
    Ilya Ehrenburg:
    Even if "Fifteen items or less" was an error...


    Not a native speaker, very little grammar taught in school :-/ I got the impression that for the "irrealis" (it's probably called differently in English, but you should be able to guess which mode I mean) one used "were" and "was" was used for the "potentialis". Is that impression wrong? If so, what's the rule?

    It's ' . .were an error . . .' It begins with 'Even if' hence it's a counterfactual - therefore it's the subjunctive mood . . .

  • Not hard if you have a pair (unregistered) in reply to EatenByAGrue

    If the reason "My boss was a complete jerk" fits, use it -- the only people that wouldn't accept that such a situation can occur would be: (1) a new "jerk" potential boss, and you wouldn't want to work for them anyway; (2) an arrogant member of HR that has no ability to listen to a situation critically and make an informed judgement, rather than making the knee-jerk reaction you would expect from such a waste-of-space.

  • Tom (unregistered) in reply to Mr B
    Mr B:
    "The profession where they don't let you kiss them on the lips"

    Where do you get your real-world knowledge of this section of the services industry from? Chaucer? Milton? Moses?

    Pretty Woman.

  • Rob (unregistered)

    Funny thing about revenge; they say its so horrible but yet it feels soooo good...

  • some dude (unregistered)

    "the DBA that always wore low-cut shirts"

    That was the real story here, you wrote about the wrong subject.

    Regardless of the sex of the DBA, there is a more interesting story there.

  • Anonymous Coward (unregistered) in reply to Larry
    I had a blamer boss like that. His hard drive crashed and wiped out months of his work. He blamed *me* for not backing up his computer, which he never told me to do. I guess he expected me to sneak into his office at night and back it up for him.

    We got a prototype board back from manufacturing. I put it down next to the powersupply. Not knowing how to connect it up, I scramble away in order to find the spec. Hyperactive boss comes around and connects it - swapped 12Volts for 5Volts. Result: board fried. Who is to blaim? Me, of cause.

    Feel your pain brother. ;)

  • Chris (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous

    What Gary should have done was told us about the look on Bill's face when he was fired for sexually harassing the entire office over the intercom. Be the BOFH.

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