• Loop Nazi (unregistered)

    How could he not notice the REAL problem here? It's using the encoding UTF-8. Clearly, an application this enterprisey should be using the WTF-8 encoding. Or WTF-16 if you want to be forward- and sideways-compatible with our east Asian neighbors.

  • No-thanks (unregistered) in reply to lantastik

    what do you mean by that?

  • (cs)

    WTF? How did he ever get past the "database" stage? I would have taken one look at the "database" another look at the original code, and shrugged my shoulders and decided the original code worked...

  • merl (unregistered) in reply to lantastik

    As soon as he exceeded the 8 lines that were hardcoded, he shold have stopped.

    Where's the sanity checking?

  • Rich (unregistered)

    Using XML to create programming languages makes me cringe.

  • (cs)

    i think i missed it; can anybody point what is Brilliant about the language?

    Probably know why his predecessor left too...

  • Dan Neely (unregistered) in reply to icelava
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  • Doc Monster (unregistered) in reply to lantastik
    Agreed. If I don't understand why something was done the way it was. I don't automatically assume I know better without asking someone first. Contrary to popular belief, asking questions does not make you look stupid. In most cases, it makes you look smarter.
    If only the original coder had left some documentation saying why loops weren't used, then nobody would have had to look stupid.


  • NiceWTF (unregistered) in reply to Hans
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  • bull (unregistered)

    Really brilliant

  • joe_bruin (unregistered)

    Looping is slow and expensive, the writers of BrilliantML knew this. Think of this as a way of doing explicit loop unrolling to increase performance.

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