• Yet another anonymous CH employee ... (unregistered) in reply to acne
    Just a thought: what if you disable javascript? Does the form stil get submitted?

    Indeed it does, and with a blank search, it returns: "An Internal Error occurred, Please try after sometime"

    Interestingly, I can stil search for names and get valid results.

  • (cs) in reply to sid
    Yep, it is supposed to be 5-7-5 [...]
    Sometimes seventeen syllables aren't enough to express a complete
  • Tanya (unregistered) in reply to ASDF
    Hello, I'm doctor "; DROP TABLE; pleased to meet you.

    Beautiful! : D

  • Michael (unregistered) in reply to Erzengel
    Anonymous cardinal person:
    At this point I'm kinda amazed at the number of Cardinal employees/contractors who read WTF. Hello all! ::waves invitingly::
    Frankly it looks a bit suspicious that 5 cardinal employees make comments in a row, each within a minute of the last. Particularly since they're all unregistered. Almost as if one person was trolling under different names... But then, I suppose it's believable that someone at Cardinal saw the WTF and pointed it out to h(is|er) co-workers, but I would still think there'd be a bit more variance in the posting times.
    They're actually all Dr. Null, but when he tried to register it wouldn't accept his last name, inconsiderate bastards.

    The real WTF is how many employees of this company frequent this site, trying to escape your own daily WTFs(1) are you?

    (1)Using the old name of the site, "daily worse than failure" doesn't make as much sense.

  • Michael (unregistered) in reply to KattMan
    Le Poete:
    Or how about N.A. Jones?

    Or maybe <null> , the asshole who legally changed his name to have the angle brackets. It's unpronouncable.

    And how would someone search for "The Artist Formelly Known As Prince" in the days he used that weird symbol as his name. It's not even a unicode character, neither a symbol of WingDing font.
    It was easy, you searched for "Prince" and you got everything that had his prior discography and everything under "formally known as Prince". Remember, unofficially everyone still called him "Prince" or "The Artist", the name change was purely for legal purposes.
    Unofficially everyone still called him "Prince", but officially we all just stopped searching for him.

  • Chepech (unregistered)

    I already named my Dog "Dr. <Foo> Undefined Null", now I'll like to see the face of poor bastard that is going to code the animal registration app of my town...
    Thanks for the inspiration, I almost found impossible to type with all this laugh tears on my eyes.

  • cdsa (unregistered) in reply to Robert
    I can get to the site, because I work there. It's not true. The only way to get Mr. Null to come up in the search results is to enter "Null" in the name. The submitter did so and then deleted it before grabbing a screen shot. So, whoever you are, you're a liar.

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