• Noizee Brat (unregistered) in reply to GoatCheez

    Well i tried it out.. and seems that the ANTI-HACKER right Click script doesnt work in Firefox. Damn if only he had thought about Browser compatibility... the site was Hack proof.

  • Yurko (unregistered)

    Tip message - it's great! MegaLOL! Big respect to author!

  • (cs) in reply to Tyler Cruz

    You guys! The foosball chick is gone! SHE IS GONE! What are we going to do now?

    OMG!  What happened to foosball girl?  Her dangling left breast was an institution on my browser.

    Based on the results of another unsung hero in another thread, a bigger version is available! w00t! wallpaper time!

    Now, the question is how to post a link without exploding the universe...


  • The Thinman (unregistered)


    For some reason the Tips screen had me rolling on the floor laughing.

    I haven't done that here since I read something about banging monkeys.

    Thanks. I needed that.


  • (cs)

    Ah, trains are a great source of WTFs. Like at Birmingham New Street, the (frequent!) platform alterations are an audio announcement, along the lines of "The 1437 to Coventry will now depart from platform 2B".

    Problem is, from time to time the message goes out when there's no alteration at all...


    Now...why bother going to the trouble of detecting the info and then do this:

    PS: Yes I know the edge is being cut off. Adding the width attribute to the img tag just makes the text unreadable, whereas as it is, you get the idea.

  • Bob (unregistered)

    That would be:

    #define ONE 1
    #define ZERO ONE+1

    Easy as hell, you guys don't think enterpricy enough!

  • (cs)
    Alex Papadimoulis:

    There's no word on Him endorsing MSDN, but I doubt it. Especially after MSDN sexually harassed Eric J. Bias ...


    And this from the search engine that censored pages and queries containing the word "Staatsexamen" (German for state examination) because it contains "sex".

  • Anonymous Mouse (unregistered)
    Alex Papadimoulis:

    At least it wasn't Something Terrible, Something Awful, or, even, Something Dreadful.

    Why do I get the idea you visit Something Awful?
  • (cs)

    The real WTF is that that 'wooden table' photo is fake. (Well, looks it, at least, and if it were real, that would only make the real real WTF that you'd managed to make a real photo look fake)

  • MC (unregistered) in reply to Colin

    Hmm, 49707 days + 23 hours + 16 minutes =?

    (((494,707 * 24) + 23) * 60 + 16) * 60 = 4,294,768,560 seconds.  That looks awfully close to 2^32 = 4,294,967,295.

    How many times can you laugh at the same punch line but when told a different way?


     cos 4,294,967,295 = -.5

  • msnax eolf (unregistered)

    uxhi xueonzir vdhpxemi cbiq dijvwp ivmwsej jwezfgrix

  • Sean (unregistered)

    Ha. I once got "did you know that you're missing tips file" once. What I'm wondering is if you're missing your tips file, how does it know THAT tip?

  • Sean (unregistered)
    Ha! And you guys think that CAPTCHA that I put together is hard to read. At least I didn't use the one that K.C. tried to use ...
    Hmm... I think the word is 'duck.'
  • Sean (unregistered)

    No wait, not 'duck,' 'snail.'

  • manoj Gupta (unregistered) in reply to Bus Raker
    Bus Raker:
    Ya know what's an even better WTF?  He's marketing his webdesign biz - and there's no contact information.
    I'm pretty sure that this is a satire.  13 years of experience puts it at Mosaic's first release date.  Plus, the image on the aboutus page looked like he was a pharmasist, so I looked up the name in google and found: http://www.adorebeauty.com.au/mensgrooming/brand_anthonylogistics.asp which oddly enough has the same picture.  Normally satire sites don't copy an image and a real name at the same time, but this one did.
    I think you're wrong.  It's just their old site ... now they're big time! http://www.modulussystems.com/
  • coward (unregistered)

    the gallery register captcha picture is due to a write permission problem.

  • Tortoise (unregistered)
    Alex Papadimoulis:

    Ha! And you guys think that CAPTCHA that I put together is hard to read. At least I didn't use the one that K.C. tried to use ...

    IT'S A SIRDS!!!! Well, it looks like one at first glance, but I can't see anything in it... (A ball or torus maybe?).Some of these look fake.... Are user submissions decreasing Alex?
    Actually if you look REALLY carefully you can see a big S in the center. That or I'm going crazy again :)

    I see the Japanese hiragana "ち", which is only one syllable, but could be roughly translated as "blood" or "hemorrhage"...

  • (cs)

    So did those shoppers ever find any smart spyware?

  • AaronAdelo (unregistered)
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