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    the hoi polloi

    As The Dead Poets' Society taught me, you're duplicating the article when you say "the hoi". :P

    Phrases borrowed from other languages are often reanalyzed in English as single words. For example, a number of Arabic noun phrases were borrowed into English as simple nouns. The Arabic element al– means “the,” and appears in English nouns such as alcohol and alchemy. Thus, since no one would consider a phrase such as “the alcohol” to be redundant, criticizing the hoi polloi on similar grounds seems pedantic.

  • Rev. Creflo Baller (unregistered) in reply to b0red
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  • Stephen (unregistered) in reply to SkittlesAreYum

    The real WTF is that people still get married.

    Its just a sure fine way to lose money.

  • C. F. Martin (unregistered) in reply to TopCod3r
    I am rich, since I have been working in the industry for over 11 years, so I can understand what these clients have gone through and why they would leave this crummy bank. To give you an idea, I make over 50% more now than when I first started working, and have never been laid off.

    I pretty much have the same thing with my 401K, I make sure the statement is not sent to my house. I also tried to see if they could hide that line item from my paycheck, so it would look like I made less money, but they would not do that for me.

    Probably all that money you made with ud3.exe, heh?

    Captcha = luctus (also strangely fitting)

  • Anon (unregistered) in reply to DelawarePete
    20 years ago I was a telephone bill collector. Some guy had a credit account that went 2 months past due and we had to call him and ask him to pay his bill. So my co-worker called Directory Assistance and asked for a number for Joe Smith on Mockingbird Lane. Got the number, called and spoke with Joe's wife. She said it must be some sort of mistake, he didn't have a card with us, etc. My co-worker said OK, let's review all of this info and make sure. Same name, SSN, employer, etc, etc. The only difference between the account info and Joe's info was Joe lived at 4 Mockingbird Lane and the bills went to 10 Mockingbird Lane. Then the light went on in Joe's wife's head. She asked what the card was used for. It was all furniture. Turned out Joe had set up his girlfriend in a house a few doors down. He furnished it for her and had the bills going there. Joe liked to go for runs around the neighborhood. Joe is now divorced.
    Collector should've been fired. Collections law is very clear - you cannot discuss the account, including verification, with anyone other than the named account holder(s). If his wife wasn't on the account, they should have just said they'd call back.

    I know this because I've successfully sued and won against several Collection agencies that apparently don't understand the law.

  • Strawberry Blonde (unregistered)

    Perhaps if the wife weren't such a raging bitch, her husband wouldn't have to go looking for it elsewhere. I have little to no sympathy for the feminazis whose husbands go elsewhere for a real woman.

  • Beau W (unregistered) in reply to Rev. Creflo Baller

    I love the nickname Creflo Baller. I bet that dude has a pretty lavish lifestyle and I wonder if he's ever called himself that.

  • peter (unregistered)

    The Bank should have lost its licence. This is an inexcusable breach of banking secrecy.

    People who talk about an account over the phone without identifying the other person as either the account holder or a holder of a power of attorney should be fired on the spot.

  • huojia (unregistered)
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  • lorrie (unregistered)
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  • ccj (unregistered)

    TRWTF is Derrick... in a world where it is harder, quite literally, to secure the love of a woman than it is to earn an advanced degree in computer science, how could he spit on his relationship like this?! If his wife happens to be a b*tch, he should seek divorce. If he's afraid of losing money in a divorce, well he should have thought of that at pre-nup time. The software didn't even have a bug as far as I can see, much less a WTF style bug; all the article states is that the mail-to address defaulted to the home address, which makes perfect sense. Now if it still mailed to the home address despite having been given an alternate directive, that would be a minor bug. As for the $450 million lost by Scarlet, they shouldn't be sorry to see evil clients get what they deserve, even if it costs profit. If they really value money more than people, then I guess an additional WTF is the Financial industry

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