• TxZac (unregistered) in reply to Wonko

    You know what a firearm is and what it does when you pick it up. You don't necessarily know that this little egg is filled with tiny plastic bits.

    Besides, the reason for the "nonedible items inside edible items" doesn't come from this, it comes from a much older time where people would actually use sawdust etc. as filler in sausage to save money, back before they had to tell you what was in the food you were eating. This just happens to fall under the same law.

  • philgman (unregistered)

    Only in America. They've always been available in Canada.

  • Steve (unregistered)

    KinderĂĽberraschung deserves (and has) more than its own paragraph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinder_surprise

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