• Less So (unregistered) in reply to Obvious
    Bahhh you still need titles. How to drool?
  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous
    Idiot CTO versus smart helpdesk - score one for the helpdesk! Today's article was great, this is exactly the sort of retarded thing your average exec would think and exactly the sort of response necessary to show him what an idiot he is.

    Damn, lucky the helpdesk wasn't summarily fired.. They would have been in my company :p

  • Wyrd (unregistered)

    "your getting is now exactly the same as you are now"

    I think that should be the new All Your Base.

    -- Furry cows moo and decompress.

  • bd (unregistered)

    This made me remember the old days of thedailywtf.com when most of the articles was funny as this one.

  • www.customer-care-support.com (unregistered)


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