• Simon (unregistered) in reply to Cbuttius
    How did this article get comments on it before it was posted?

    It was posted on Wednesday 18 January 2012 and the comments begin on Tuesday 17 January 2012.

    Fuckin' magnets, dude.

  • Simon (unregistered) in reply to z0iid

    Cheers z0iid! Very informative.

  • Gamblor (unregistered) in reply to me
    not me:
    It may come as some surprise to some of our American friends, but the idea of freedom of speech being enshrined in law is regraded in most countries as a very silly one, so the hysterical reaction to these proposed laws is pretty much confined to America. Most people living in civilised countries understand the need for censorship, for example in my country if I were to wonder down the road shouting that homosexuals should be hung I would be arrested, and quite rightly so. Any country that works on the principle that I should be allowed to do that and my actions would be countered by a vocal majority who did not agree with me is a country based somewhere near cloud cookoo land.

    Absolutely true. That is why the United States still has some vestige of freedom, while in most of the rest of the world a small elite decides which thoughts and ideas are acceptable and which are not.

    Really? i hadn't noticed any elite doing that what I had notice while working in America is that the people who shout about freedom most of all are the ones with the most extreme views, i mean there is the freedom to think what you like and then there is the freedom not to have some lunatic religious nutter on his own telly program broadcasting whatever his rice crispies told him to say to the nation 24 hours a day.

    You do have the freedom not to have some lunatic nutter broadcasting to you. Unless you misplaced the remote. Did the gov't steal your remote so you were forced to watch Pat Robertson?

  • Not me (unregistered) in reply to Cad Delworth
    Cad Delworth:
    It was definitely ambiguous at best.

    Uh, it was? Maybe if you only read the first paragraph or so (which wouldn't surprise me, since most people get up in arms over /. headlines, for example), it was ambiguous, but by even the middle, it was very obvious that this was a joke.

    And to agree with a law solely because you feel someone 'deserves' it is pretty stupid.

  • (cs) in reply to me

    Please your sarcasim is showing. Lets revitalise BBS while we at it folks.

  • (cs) in reply to boog

    That is exactly how it was. Ahhhh what fun that was dialing up the modem getting a song and waiting half an hour or so for it to download. But it was worth it, you were the man that can play music on the computer without a CD. Wicked stuff that!!!!

    I can't wait to return to a much simpler era.

    Semi-seriously: I blame Napster for all the piracy awareness of the last decade. Remember how before Napster became so widespread, we used to share files peacefully over FTP servers?

    And the non-geeks, who were oblivious to our activity, would ask "How are you playing music on your computer?" It's an MP3. "An MP3?" Right. "What's an MP3?" Music. "Well where did you get it?" I downloaded it for free, from the Internet. "You can do that with the Internet?" I did, didn't I? "Well is it legal?" shrug "Well how did you get it?" FTP. "FTWhat?" Exactly.

    Ahh, those were the days.

  • Gamblor (unregistered) in reply to Cad Delworth
    Cad Delworth:
    If yesterday's 'whiteout' page was intended to be sarcastic, then it should have been more obviously sarcastic.

    It was definitely ambiguous at best.

    And FWIW, I agree with those who oppose the ridiculous notion of 'free speech no matter what,' and I do also hope that the SOPA and PIPA become law. As others have said more eloquently, it's the 'poetic justice' come-uppance that the USA sorely needs.

    You do realize that SOPA will likely do nothing to remove blatantly offensive or hateful websites, and instead could be used to basically shut down any site on arbitrary IP conditions without any due process?

    My opposition to SOPA and PIPA have absolutely NOTHING to do with free speech. As others have said, the intent is to shut down sites that are already breaking the law REGARDLESS of the free speech. Most of the serious opponents to SOPA and PIPA have no problem with mitigating piracy, but this law is so poorly written it more violates the FOURTH Amendment, which states that seizure of property (which includes websites) shall be performed as a result of probable cause. SOPA and PIPA completely short circuit this important right.

    Just today, megaupload.com was shut down by the US government due to blatant piracy violations that the executives did not control enough. This is a site that is headquartered outside of the US, and was a result of due process. This, along with other sites that have either been shut down or threatened to be litigated against (Napster, YouTube, etc.), to me, is proof that SOPA and PIPA does nothing to "fix" the piracy problem.

    Napster was shut down after due process.

    YouTube was riddled with lawsuits from copyright holders and as a result have greatly put a damper on uploaders of copyrighted content.

    Limewire was shut down similarly to Napster.

    The system as it stands works; it just takes the same due process any legal process does.

  • Crish Baylei (unregistered) in reply to Zylon
    Chris Bailey:
    Disappointed in your stance on this.
    Why? It's a perfectly modest proposal.
    Wonder just how many people got that...
  • Duncan (unregistered) in reply to Tom

    I Agree+1

  • Duncan (unregistered) in reply to Duncan
    I Agree+1
    to the guy who said he was removing this from his rss to **** with sopa
  • BentFranklin (unregistered) in reply to Cbuttius
    and now I would like to say I hope SOPA happens. Then maybe all the big dotcom companies will move over to England. Well except Wikipedia which should move to Wales, after its founder.

    Making all the new exciting computer development will start happening here instead of over there.

    England is rapidly following the US lead when it comes to IP abuses in business and government.

  • Jatosm (unregistered)

    Dude, it's sarcasm. They don't support it lol They just tore SOPA a new a hole.

  • BillClintonsThirdTerm (unregistered) in reply to hoodaticus

    If it weren't a bunch of candyass roody-poos posting YLYL and Get threads, that may happen.

  • (cs)

    Did you know that most people consider themselves to have above average intelligence? Obviously, this is not really the case, since average is, well, average. 100 is considered the median IQ; half of all people rank below this number.

    Keep this in mind when you read all the commenters who either took this seriously or were unsure about whether this was a joke or not.

  • E (unregistered)

    I think my sarcasm detector just blew up thrice over.

    Well played, everyone.

  • Caleb (unregistered) in reply to Tom

    did you read the article? at all? even a little?

  • I Agree With The [-----] (unregistered)

    Are these people thick? Are they trolling? Or do they read so slowly that they couldn't get past the first paragraph? I really can't tell. :\

  • MikkoZ (unregistered)

    I've learned to never use irony when talking about something that matters. The ones that know nothing about the subject don't get the irony and will be waived to the enemy.

  • Kirk (unregistered) in reply to me

    But without domain names, how will domain squatters make their money!?

  • Pyro123 (unregistered)

    Is anyone aware that this is a satire?

  • A Nonny Mouse (unregistered) in reply to Just Kelly

    1200 Baud? In my day it was a 300 baud acoustic couplers in the snow, and it was uphill both ways! (But we cheated and used a war dialer to find the nearest Arpanet Pad).

    Yes, and I managed to fill in the captcha, despite being a robot!

  • (cs) in reply to Tom
    Im removing The Daily WTF from my RSS reader, I don't want to have anything to do with someone who supports SOPA ! :-/

    Read it through and give the satire meter a few whacks.

  • Than (unregistered)

    I'm so confused...Are you joking? is this a sarcastic article? Because I read it as that, but someone told me you're being totally serious. I'm very confused as to how anybody could actually have this opinion. I kinda like how the internet is open, linked up and easy to use. Sorry if you find that offensive to the way you learned to use it.

  • (cs)

    Chiming in late So SOPA is a movement, is it?

  • (cs) in reply to Duncan
    I Agree+1
    to the guy who said he was removing this from his rss to **** with sopa
    Maybe you should remove your head from your rss.
  • verto (unregistered)

    Alex, dude, you missed the point.

    SOPA would make service providers (site owners, ISP's, hosting companies, etc) legally responsible for the content at their level of control and below, thus also giving them the authority to police it. What will likely happen is that those providers, to avoid being fined or imprisoned, will either enforce constant and strict policing (so, you'd have to read/correct all comments here before they are published, and whatever word construct one uses, another will exist that will find themselves offended by it, and you'd be responsible), or they would simply go out of business.

    Since you are SOPA proponent, that's exactly what I wish that happens to you. No second chance with me. And, no "good luck" to you.

  • You're kidding me, right? (unregistered)

    Irony of ironies; when I put in the DailyWTF's IP Address, my company's software blocks the website.

  • (cs) in reply to Just Kelly
    Just Kelly:
    UUCP bang paths!
    Those were the days! I almost flunked out of college thanks to rn and soc.motss but it was awe inspiring to chat with people from Japan and Europe on USENET and IRC. Good riddance to 1200 baud modems though.
  • (cs) in reply to PiisAWheeL
    Notice the key word "CAN". If you "CAN" use it to get by the protocol, then it is illegal, regardless of its legitimate uses.

    Put that in your PIPA and smoke it.

    More shit with these damn laws: UDP and TCP/IP can and would be used so they are at risk as well. Our CONgress are full of morons

  • Stephen Rios (unregistered)

    There are a lot of horribly narrow-minded backwards-thinking things in this thread, both in the original post, and the vast majority of the comments.

    Please do a little more research about the bill before you go around claiming to support it, because it is blatantly obvious from your post that you honestly had no clue why this bill would be so detrimental.

    According to SOPA, if say, a user on youtube uploaded a video of themselves, and a McDonalds logo just happened to appear behind them, and they did not have permission to use that logo, SOPA says the government can go after not only them, but youtube as well, for hosting the content.

    Did you really want to fill up our already over-crowded prison systems with a bunch of people just trying to do their own thing?

    Inmate 1: So what are you in for bud? Inmate 2: Well you see, there was a McDonalds logo in my youtube video bitching about Britney Spears. Inmate 1: Cool story bro, wanna see my marble collection?

    And that was just the start of the things wrong with this bill. Please l2research before posting stupid shit like this. It makes me sad to see one of my favorite websites do stupid shit like this.

  • FirstTimeReadingThisWebSiteAlreadyDisappointed (unregistered)

    how can you be so ignorant? you like clinging to the old? there are other ways of protecting IP and stop the piracy... the concept of SOPA and PIPA are good, but the way that they want to enforce this is just RETARDED, and it makes their supporter retarded too

  • (cs) in reply to me
    Huzzah, death to domain names, death to the Internet, I want to search Wikipedia via the US Postal System!
    You evil network scum ! Real searchers go to the library *on foot* ...
  • KiRviz (unregistered)

    Sarcasm is evil!

  • (cs) in reply to Simon
    How did this article get comments on it before it was posted?

    It was posted on Wednesday 18 January 2012 and the comments begin on Tuesday 17 January 2012.

    Fuckin' magnets, dude.

    Because I'm just that leet.

  • Eddy (unregistered) in reply to Tom
    Im removing The Daily WTF from my RSS reader, I don't want to have anything to do with someone who supports SOPA ! :-/

    Ditto! I don't understand how can anyone with an IQ superior to 50 be supporting something like this.

  • (cs) in reply to Eddy
    Im removing The Daily WTF from my RSS reader, I don't want to have anything to do with someone who supports SOPA ! :-/

    Ditto! I don't understand how can anyone with an IQ superior to 50 be supporting something like this.

    I can't tell the meta-satirists apart from the idiots. And I'm normally really good at that.

  • Joe (unregistered)

    Of course the ironic part is that the mentioned "I Have a Dream" speech is debate-ably sufficiently similar in the last paragraph to Archibald Carey, Jr's 1952 at the Republican Convention speech that it would qualify as plagiarism. Of course Sony doesn't care about that, they just want your $20. And I'm sure that Carey was happy that King used his words, as were friends. And that both would agree that "if America is to be a great nation, it must be free", since that's actually what they were talking about. Of course now the daily WTF would be in violation of SOPA (due to me stealing King's stolen words), and should be taken down. It's the right thing to do isn't it?

  • Sarcasm (unregistered)

    I am lost on so many people...

  • zMaile (unregistered) in reply to Just Kelly

    I lol'd

  • dickhead (unregistered)

    die, idiots. support online piracy act

  • Somebody (unregistered)

    i've been using tjhe sever through wi-fi trtying to play my game war commander, and all i get is reconnect saying that i have other severs open. i don't so WTF is the sever so slow on getting on with the game but i can type fast when i have a comment.WTF. this is BS

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