• Hamish (unregistered)

    Insert non specific comment...here!

  • jsf (unregistered)

    At least you don't owe them FILE_NOT_FOUND...

  • (cs)

    Yay for ASPX

  • anon (unregistered) in reply to snoofle

    Alert: Someone commented

  • WTFler (unregistered)

    Shockwave ist definitely a problem - not as much as realmedia, but still ...

  • ClaudeSuck.de (unregistered) in reply to jk
    Nemo :
    James G. owes $40.20. And Shockwave is definitely a problem.
    I thought 40 in roman numerals was "XL" just like Four is IV and 90 is XC :/

    That must be the real WTF, as he owes $undefined.20

    apparently Verizon follows the face on a grandfather clock (or pocket watch), for some reason they show "IIII" (probably for aesthetic reason, but what do I know?)

    IIIIIIIIIIII o'clock gonna be difficult to show and is not necessarily very aesthetic

    CAPTCHA: erat (he was): time flows continuously

  • (cs) in reply to El Chupanebre
    El Chupanebre:
    But no, I have a better idea...let's assume the worst, act like an arrogant piece of shit and insult someone about whom you know nothing, and then put in a nice little plug for your little mod and generate some ad-views!

    He doesn't get the money from the ad views. We do.

  • Rather miso than ramen (unregistered) in reply to robzyc
    Made me chuckle, every time I look at a Mac mouse I just think "Fisher Price".. If you are across the pond I not sure if you have Fisher Price toys there so please feel free to have a look at Jobs' latest creation to improve typing speeds like never before: The New Mac Keyboard Addon

    Although I think the Mighty actually treat macs users like adults and has more than one does it not?

    It took me a while to get used to the new Apple aluminium USB keyboard (I don't type that much on it right now), but on good days I can now type faster on it than on any other keyboard I've used before - up to over 600 keystrokes a minute whereas I got at most 450-500 on conventional keyboards, not counting some record attempts of 700+ using a fixed string and some exercise.

    I have heard similar reports about the MacBook keyboard vs. keyboards on other notebooks, but I've never had a MacBook discounting my present Pro.

    The keyboard also looks nothing like the one you are referring to. The design is simple and elegant and it's got two additional USB ports on it, something that most PC keyboard manufactures don't bother adding to their devices. I do acknowledge that older Apple keyboards are very bulky compared to the new ones.


    I also have a wireless mighty mouse. It has only one "real" button, but there are three different, configurable (at least using Mac OS) click actions depending on where you press, plus a fourth action that is triggered by squeezing the sides. What's more interesting is the scroll ball which allows for 360° scrolling (there are also some other modes available for those who can't handle that). That makes it a nice alternative rsp. replacement for the Apple trackpads with their 360° two-finger scrolling (a feature now also found on some PC notebooks). It also requires some re-learning compared to an ordinary scroll wheel, but once you're used to it, a scroll wheel appears ridiculously limited. It's not only that most scroll wheels only support vertical scrolling, it's also that a wheel, with its discrete transitions, is either too slow when you quickly want to zoom through a lot of text, or too inaccurate when you want to scroll just a few pixels, or both, depending on the settings. The laser is also vastly superior to that on my Logitech wheel mouse, finally an optical mouse that works perfectly on any mouse pad.

    It's not suitable for action games though, and unfortunately 360° scrolling currently does not work with virtualized Windows (VMWare Fusion) but is instead translated to virtual mouse wheel movements, i.e. vertical scrolling only. The same is true for the trackpads.

  • AdT (unregistered) in reply to m0ffx
    Oh, and dunno about shockwave, but flash is certainly a problem. 95% of Firefox crashes/hangs are associated with the flash player in my experience.

    Not to mention the security holes allowing a remote attacker to gain complete control yadda yadda.

    (The real WTF however is that I overwrote the name field with the intended subject of a post the other night.)

  • Noodle (unregistered) in reply to snoofle

    It's a MAC, that must be the problem

  • Panchelbel (unregistered)

    The last one happens playing DiabloII,while using a game treating software. I can see it many times a day, while I'm in college.......

  • jesus (unregistered)

    the last screenshot is from diablo 2 loader

  • MatchNL (unregistered)

    The last error is actually from Diablo 2.

    If you get the most popular NO-CD crack of the game's executable for an earlier version, and then try to run the game without the CD after an upgrade, you'll get this message.

    It's not so much a WTF moment since it's not really supposed to be "professional" code.

  • TC (unregistered)

    The Alert box is a piece of reuse genius! You never need to think of something to put in a box. A bit like having DB tables named "Table1","Table2" etc and fields named "Field1", "Field2".

    The next step is to have the generic exception message: "Something bad happened".


  • cracking scum (unregistered) in reply to Brother Laz
    I understand why the guy submitted the 'big error :(' anonymously. It involves the use of a HACK/CRACK TOOL for the game Diablo 2. (Whoops!)
    I own legal copies of Diablo 2 as well as the expansion, and I use a no-cd patch to avoid needing to locate the CD every time I wish to play. This may be illegal in some jurisdictions, but I can't say I feel it's unethical. There's no shame in it(at least for me).
  • Phil (unregistered)

    Roman numerals not having a zero has no impact on being able to transmit them as binary, roman numerals are a subset of binary, everything that could possibly be transmitted in numerals exists in binary.

    Transmitting binary as numerals however, would fail, seeing as if a binary 0 came up, you'd have no symbol to represent it.

  • Greek (unregistered) in reply to snoofle


  • PhysicsPhil (unregistered) in reply to luctus
    Nemo :
    James G. owes $40.20. And Shockwave is definitely a problem.
    I thought 40 in roman numerals was "XL" just like Four is IV and 90 is XC :/

    That must be the real WTF, as he owes $undefined.20

    XXXX, IIII, and so forth were used util teh early medaeval period, when scribes became lazy and invented the "modern" form.

  • Cevn (unregistered)

    The "hey guys we got a big error here" is from a cracked version of Halo CE.

    Not that I'd know or anything...

  • Cevn (unregistered)

    Wait... I guess it's just some NoCD's in general...

  • Reelix (unregistered) in reply to snoofle

    That last one appears when Diablo 2 Crashes...

  • ipfreely (unregistered)

    I know this error....it's in D2Loader used for Diablo II. I see it all the time.

  • gerard verschuren (unregistered) in reply to snoofle

    Hmmm. Has anyone given any thought to that "something happened" error message? What would happen if you clicked "cancel". Does that mean nothing would happen? Or maybe nothing would ever have happened?

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