• arty (unregistered)

    What ... is ... the second image?

  • Stephen Caldwell (unregistered)

    I believe this should get it's own post category: Holy Christ on a Crutch.

  • Lore Weaver (unregistered)

    Owww my brain!

  • necroyeti (unregistered)

    @G Dawg:
    yeah, but this looks like all forms of the app are combined together to a single form, which is hardly maintainable. And using names that refer to the documentation shouldn't stop one from using self-documenting names.

  • Ricardo Antunes da Costa (unregistered)

    Wow! Note to Self: Remember to pray tonight so I never have to face a monster like that in my life.

  • David Grant (unregistered)

    At least H3000 kinda sounds cool.

  • Dave Mays (unregistered)

    Life is pain. At least, it is if you have to maintain a gottschrecklich piece of software like that one.

  • Guayo (unregistered)

    And this is a WTF because...?
    Ok the forms names aren't descriptive, that's not good but a WTF? (I don't understand German' descriptive names so maybe no seeing this as a full-blown WTF is biased).
    It seems to be a lot of forms, is this the WTF?
    The form shown looks complex, it seems to show on screen the data (reservations?) of a date period (maybe a report would be better) but I don't know the requirements so how we can dispute the design shown?
    Yes... the screenshots hints what could be a maintenance nightmare... life is hard get used to it... plus I guess they give you money, isn't it? So what's the big deal?
    Ok... maybe I'm just too cynic today.

  • Mike R. (unregistered)

    > At least H3000 kinda sounds cool.

    Hmm, That could be short for HAL 3000. The precursor to HAL 9000 ;)

  • Shane (unregistered)

    I'm in agreement with Guayo.. I don't see how this is 'From Hell' just looks overly complicated with some bad naming conventions?

  • mrchips_rsm (unregistered)

    I would have to say that this form is most definitely "uberbucht!"...

    I think I'm gonna save this image and make it my wallpaper. ;-)

  • Adam G. (unregistered)


  • skicow (unregistered)

    I don't know about anyone else but:

    OverlyComplicated + BadNamingConventions == HELL

    To me.

  • An Angry Young Man (unregistered)

    Styx is most definitely a 70s band, not an 80s band.

  • Jake Vinson (unregistered)

    Actually, this is a good implementation if you take into consideration...

    HA! Just kidding. Who's going to be the first douche to defend this code?

  • Jason (unregistered)

    Guayo and Shane -> If you had to maintain this, I bet that you'd completely agree that it was indeed 'From Hell'.
    I'd quit, and get a real programming job if someone handed this to me to maintain and/or extend.

  • Tim Cartwright (unregistered)

    Alex, you forgot to compare it to this oldie, but still a goodie :

    Although it looks like he has overhauled the interface :


  • rs (unregistered)

    Haven't seen anything like this since I stopped droppin acid! Oh, the colors!!! Damn, now I'm hungry.

  • Sean Kleinjung (unregistered)

    I went ahead and made that my wallpaper...I've already noticed a few managers who, after seeing that on my second monitor decided not to bother me because I seemed so busy...


  • Kylector (unregistered)

    This is from hell, there is no justification. Who in their right mind would stick up for this guy? Yeah you/we get paid to maintain and fix stuff, no matter how crappy...but that doesn't mean the code isn't from hell sometimes!

  • Guayo (unregistered)

    Yes... the GUI looks very complex... I'm not sure what's its purpose or how it works, I'm just not keen to criticise something I don't understand... Yes I know there are GUI design guidelines and I'm pretty sure a simpler GUI design would work here. However I don't know what this form does not what the requirements are.
    I'm not 100% sure about this design being more complex than it should be.

  • Anderson (unregistered)


  • Peter (unregistered)

    Wow, I better not look at tomorrow's addition with my remaining eye.

    My closest approximation was a form with like 150 unbound fields spread out over about 10 tabs (this is a doctor, here is the address info, billing info, etc). But that was a mutant lavaflow that started as access2.0 (several years before I started there) and was a combo of access97/sql7 when I left. If you have thousands to millions of records, you can only use unbound forms if you want your form to load before the sun turns into a lump of coal.

  • Brian Scott (unregistered)

    Jason, I agree. I would quit and get a better programming gig if someone insisted I do ANYTHING to this turd.

  • Stan Rogers (unregistered)

    There is absolutely no way to justify defending that. Jesus wept. And so do I.

    As for Styx being 70s or 80s, it depends whether your teen years were spent blasting Pieces of Eight on the 8-track (Renegade was de rigeur) or Kilroy Was Here (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto) on the cassette.

  • Nikolay Simeonov (unregistered)

    > What ... is ... the second image?

    you can't guess - that's a form with million of controls that are shown or hidden at runtime and moved all around to indicate whether a room is occupied, booked or free for the day and whom it belongs (whatever you can see from the name, tooltips were not used anywhere)...

  • Kayaman (unregistered)

    Are the people who defend these the same people who write these?

    I mean come on..."it's not so bad, if you don't consider the blahblahblah" yes it's bad. It's horrible! Your computer can do a lot of things, why force it to do that?

  • Nikolay Simeonov (unregistered)

    > There is absolutely no way to justify defending that.

    wait until I show you the code :)

  • mistkerl (unregistered)

    You don't have a timetable control inside access, so the programmer used textboxes (?) to show the state of the rooms at each day.
    I think that their attributes like position, backcolour etc is set at runtime. They have to be unbound.
    I hope that no programmer does that work by hand but that the form is generated at runtime.
    This would explain the strange form names too.

    Great work.

  • catscratch (unregistered)

    Get a room!!

  • Stan Rogers (unregistered)

    Well, let's just say that I don't have access to ANY of that stuff when I design for Lotus Notes, not even non-modal sized windows, and I can build an interactive Gantt-style chart for the Notes client with 96% less WTF-ness than this thing has. I'm no MS Access guru, but the very laws of Nature demand that there is a better way. Forget about "proper environments" for a moment -- you can do better than that in VBA using a CSV file for the reservation data. I say again -- there is absolutely no way to justify defending that.

    And I really can't wait to see the code ;o)

  • Raymond Lewallen (unregistered)

    Again, just batshit fucking loco right there.

  • peter beaguely (unregistered)

    i see no problem with this code. props to the h3000 dawgs.

  • jonesy (unregistered)

    What gives you the right to question the WTFness of WTFs?? You don't OWN the WTF concept, man.

    I'm looking at you Guayo, Shane :)

  • Gene Hamilton (unregistered)

    I really don't know how the code is going to top that second image.

  • SirRusty (unregistered)

    I've got it!! If you stare it for ages, you can eventually see a picture of jesus.

  • Thygrrr (unregistered)


    The form thingy with the unbound thingys is scary. Happy Halloween!

    (I don't even want to see the code.. is he really committing every field "by hand"? painful...)

  • Zka (unregistered)

    Omfg! :D Is this supposed to be an user interface? This is a good reason for a suicide IMHO.

  • hostile17 (unregistered)

    I don't understand this for a moment, but what I do understand is those scrollbars.

    The stuff visible in the illustration is only about a third of the actual stuff in the app, right?

  • smartypants (unregistered)

    It's so manly when programmers curse in postings. You tha man dawg! YOU THA MAN.

  • Guayo (unregistered)

    You know jonesy, the whole WTF concept thing is a little complex, and as you have already proved your fear for complex things, I'll try to explain it to you the simpler I can, here we go:
    Yes... I (an only I) own the WTF concept. You don't like it? You don't agree? Does this shock you?...
    I couldn't care less, so go on, post a reply, post this is a WTF, that is WTF, WTF with this guy,... that doesn't change a thing, I OWN the WTF concept!
    I hope this wasn't too complex (and frightening) to you. ;)

  • Mike R. (unregistered)

    After staring at this in shock and horror. I have to wonder: What does this thing look like at runtime?

    It does appear to be some sort of time table. But, certainly there are better ways of doing this...

    How do people get away with [mis]designing things like this?

  • icelava (unregistered)

    Guayo, you will be saying "WTF" if you are the one assigned to take over the system.

  • AAYM (unregistered)

    > As for Styx being 70s or 80s, it depends whether your teen years were spent blasting Pieces of Eight on the 8-track (Renegade was de rigeur) or Kilroy Was Here (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto) on the cassette.

    They're a 70s band since "Come Sail Away" and "Lorelei" and most of their biggest hits came from that decade. I remember riding the bus to 6th grade hearing "Light Up And Be Happy" blaring over the radio! That was 1974!

    By the 80s they were somewhat in decline. Mr. Roboto et al were funny, but lacking the grandeur of their previous work.

    Po8 was my favorite!

  • mussodrk (unregistered)

    True German philosophy : hard working, dedication, passion ,patience, details obsession, optimized naming and work-flows. And it works really great with auto industry. Too bad Germans insist on making software.

    There are rumors that the German tax system is the most complex in the world... I wonder why...

  • (cs) in reply to Dave Mays
    Dave Mays:
    Life *is* pain.

    First noble truth.

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