• xyzzy (unregistered) in reply to Maurits

    Good thing we have these fancy things called "backups" these days, they couldn't afford the luxury back in the dark ages...

    Or do we?

  • Nobody (unregistered) in reply to xyzzy

    True story from high school. IBM PC-XT. 10 or 20 MB hard disk with one 5.25 inch floppy drive. Tried to make a backup copy of the copy-protected key disk for Dad's shiny new spreadsheet program. Not Lotus 1-2-3 but still hundreds of dollars. Got distracted from swapping floppies while watching TV. You guessed it - formatted the key disk. Carp. Later on, bought Dad a new copy of a later version for much less. Modern times, no copy protection. But then, didn't run from floppies either.

  • (cs)

    Now this is TRWTF.

  • kwxoFXfINU (unregistered)
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