• Phil Harvey (unregistered)

    i just took vb.net on braincheck for the crack of it, and got 3.72! better than 94% of the other exam takers. who wants to employ me ;)

  • Natalie MacConnell (unregistered)

    We recently received a resume from a potential graphic designer who listed roughly 20 BrainBench certifications under training. He even included "Listening (Master)" which gave us a good chuckle. :-)

  • Phil Scott (unregistered)

    Wow, my name in print. I'm famous now.

    I used to take those brainbench tests for free when they first came out. I think I was #2 in the world in VB back in the day. And then a bunch of russian dudes that used to be below me, suddenly passed me within the next few days. I guess they just kept taking the tests over and over again so they'd be at the top.

    Meh. The typing skills one I was particularly proud of. 120 words a minute without intellisense is pretty hard for me.

  • (cs)

    Actually, I don't think the BrainBench tests are worthless. Not everyone has passed a Microsoft certification, and while difficult, MS certifications are 90% memorization, whereas real-world programming is half being able to figure things out. Passing a BrainBench exam at least shows that the candidate knows something. I've been on interviews where no demonstration of technical knowledge is required at all.

  • The Distant Future (unregistered)

    Ain't you brillant?

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