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    Comment On A Comment of Comments

  • wiseguy (unregistered)

    the following CSS-Rule makes it quite hard to read

    .comment { /*... border-top: 1px solid #eee; */ }

    (don't want a github account to submit a bug report there)

  • Matt Westwood (unregistered)

    Er, giggity, I think.

  • Postal Dude (unregistered)

    I am sure most of us know this SO thread, but for the few uninitialized: there's tons of really funny comments at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/184618/what-is-the-best-comment-in-source-code-you-have-ever-encountered

  • DNA (unregistered)

    My favorite part...
    //echo $workingDays; return $workingDays + 1; Because i can relate so much... "Ok, i made a mistake somewhere on my calculation, and i'm one unit shorter than i must... I should find where this error is... Oh F... it, let's add 1 and hope it work every time."

  • Shawn H Corey (unregistered)

    I spotted a bug.

    date("Y-m-d 00:00:00", strtotime($startDate));

    Should be:

    date("Y-m-d 12:00:00", strtotime($startDate));

  • Joseph Osako (google)

    // Compute the floating-point differences in the dates


  • Me (unregistered) in reply to Joseph Osako

    Yeah, that was the point where I just started staring in slack-jawed bamboozlement.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Postal Dude

    If you follow that to the SO page, there's a link to the original guy who wrote one of the things, and he talks about a line of code that he thought he could delete, but instead served as a lesson that languages with property setters and getters should die in a fire, along with the moron(s) who invented the idea.

    foo.x = foo.x;

    Apparently, deleting this line of code broke lots of stuff...

  • DataAcid (unregistered)
    //I just couldn't resist
    public AssociationText AssText;

    I have countless more . . .

  • Uchiha Madara (unregistered) in reply to Joseph Osako

    Duh, because ... ahem ... management wants it done that way.

  • Developer Dude (unregistered)

    Comment by "genius" prima donna programmer when told to comment all of his code:


    • This is the comment */
  • kUrpYchvuOYBvpuUnRsA (unregistered)

    It's the first answer on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/336127/calculate-business-days

  • foxyshadis (unregistered)

    I lost it at:

    // Subtract the holidays crickets

    I wonder how long he spent trying to extend that ball of unmanageable cruft before giving up entirely.

    It might not be as fast as a few formulae, but it's dirt simple to generate and count up a list of dates with holidays and other shutdowns included.

  • Ron Fox (google)
       // Now add one to a:
  • (nodebb) in reply to kUrpYchvuOYBvpuUnRsA

    Pretty similar, looks like they used it as inspiration sometime before May 20, 2010.


    The community has since "fixed" some of the bugs, but it still looks like a dog's breakfast.

  • MD (unregistered)

    The first one isn't funny, unless you are a bro and don't want any women on your team, ever.

  • LeftCommentless (unregistered)

    My most memorable comment:

    /* Comments removed for clarity */

    The really sad part of that was it was probably true. Management had dictated a 3 layer structure in the data, which the code had implemented. And then management changed their "mind" and said it's a four layer structure, but you have to keep the three layers and encode the fourth into the top layer of ids. So all the variables (and presumably comments) used the wrong names for what they were in the structure.

  • kelohim (unregistered) in reply to MD

    And why in the world would you think that guys aren't able to give head?

  • Quite (unregistered) in reply to MD

    I completely understand. The screaming rage with which people who crack rude jokes are excoriated never ceases to amaze me. Such encounters are likely to bolster up the perception of the stereotype (thoroughly misguided, of course) of the "humourless feminist". I hasten to reassure readers that of course it is an obvious truism that of course there is no such thing as a humourless feminist, of course, that completely goes without saying.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Quite

    Thanks. TIL what I thought to be females cracking worse sex jokes than nearly all males I know are actually pre-homone-treatment pre-surgery transgenders.

  • RichP (unregistered) in reply to Joseph Osako

    I'm guessing if you were to ask the original coder, they would reply in all sincerity: "Because we need to calculate things like 8.5 days, so we have to use floating point".

  • DrPepper (unregistered)

    //The total number of days between the two dates. We compute the no. of seconds and divide it to 606024 //We add one to inlude both dates in the interval.

    Mmm... What about daylight savings time; leap seconds; leap year? And that's just for starters.

  • Blakeyrat (unregistered)

    coment my pp in ur vajayay #owned

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