• bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    FIVE if you know what I mean

  • What? I'm not giving you my name. (unregistered)

    Second comment: FIRST

  • (nodebb)

    Obligatory: https://xkcd.com/937/

  • Quite (unregistered)

    The Burma/Myanmar just shows the idiocy of presenting a drop-down in order of key rather than value.

    We were asked to present a drop-down for selecting the dialling code according to nation. All very well, but the codes (a couple of hundred of them, natch) were presented in alphabetical order of country for which they applied. I will leave it up to the reader to glean the WTFery of that. We did raise it with the client-side project manager to try and convince her that what she was asking for was less than optimal, but she was having none of it.

  • (nodebb)

    That one review in the last one is very detailed. I was particularly interested in the note that the clock gained 1.2 minutes per day. Those $2 electronic games have better clocks than that, where did they ever find timing that poor?

  • (nodebb)

    Obviously the 3-5 star rating problem is an issue in the conversion to metric decimals using commas. :-)

  • Brian Boorman (google) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    800 ppm is pretty bad. Even a 32.768K crystal is better than that. I'm not sure you can get a crystal worse than 100ppm. And if the whole system timing source was that bad, your radio/Bluetooth/wifi etc wouldn't work.

  • EvilSnack (unregistered)

    "One, two, five--" "No, three, sir!" "Three..."

  • ThaumaTechnician (unregistered)

    Re.: Burma

    The Indexes get reindexed every twenty years, whether or not it's needed. So, just wait a bit.

  • Robyrt (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    I've had some of these terrible clocks - it's a software problem. The system sets the time ahead to the next minute when some code triggers, instead of asking for the correct time first - I had an alarm clock where turning an alarm off at the second it turned on would jump ahead 1 minute.

  • kansel (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    I have a 10 year old ASUS motherboard that gains .5min per day. I have to manually sync the time every time I boot it up.

  • Bill (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Or this one (not the mouseover text) https://xkcd.com/325/

  • RichP (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    Ok, I'll have a go at it: If it was a wall clock you could get timing that bad by not considering 50/60Hz usage. In this case maybe the unit was designed in the US, calibrated in MPH, and is being used in Europe where it has to deal with KPH?

  • Dan (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    It's especially stupid that it can't keep time when it has onboard GPS. Nav-sync, anybody?

  • Supersonic Tumbleweed (unregistered)

    I'll rate this article 5/7, so perfect score.

  • (nodebb)

    Yay for timeouts!

  • o11c (unregistered) in reply to kansel

    In other words, you aren't using NTP?

  • Brandenburgerin (unregistered) in reply to Quite

    This thing I have, since drop-downs with country-lists exist. How often I found "Deutschland" not by "D" but by "G" for "Germany"...

  • kansel (unregistered) in reply to o11c

    I had a utility that ran on startup, but I haven't got it set back up after switching to Win10. And now I'm fighting KB4056892 so I need to get the system stable again before bothering with the time.

  • (nodebb) in reply to kansel

    Why use a utility? Even Windows 2000 could do NTP...

  • kansel (unregistered) in reply to urkerab

    It never did for me.

    But I'm trying to decide whether to just scrap the hardware entirely. I finally got around the KB4056892 issue but it continues to BSOD and now the start menu and settings apps won't run. I'm not sure whether I jarred something when I installed the SSD, or if the SSD is bad, or if the RAM from another PC (which had worked great for years) is somehow bad or incompatible. I tried booting from a Linux live CD and it gave a kernel panic before reaching the desktop. That machine was a champ for a decade (barring the time thing) but it has not had a good 2018.

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