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    Strongly Disagree --> Disagree --> Neutral --> Agree --> Strongly Agree

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    I've had a Nissan false in the past. Good car, but the fuel efficiency leaves to be desired.

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered) in reply to Little Bobby Tables

    Frist comments are:

    Very annoying [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Extremely annoying

    What is most annoying with regards to your frist comment?

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    After buying a hybrid, I'm not just dissatisfied with the car, I'm very dissatisfied with my whole life.

  • Decius (unregistered)

    I am Strongly Agree with my car.

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    The Daily WTF Comment Warning There's a problem with this comment's security proof. V The comment was sent by a registered user. V The sender has a valid name. V The comment's date is valid. Do you still want to read this comment?

  • Jesse (unregistered)

    To be fair, that complaint about the certificate could still be perfectly legitimate. There are other criteria that can flag a certificate as problematic. That the dialog box doesn't actually describe to the user the failure case for the certificate validation is the actual WTF.

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    I thought my payment-by-submarine checkout screen was funnier than most of these. Is there a some PayPal competitor out there called Submarine that I don't know about?

  • get off my lawn (unregistered)

    'Pick and language and just STICK with it!!'

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    I'm going to guess the certificate is self-signed.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Loren Pechtel

    If so, that's still an authority that that system trusts. It's one of the more esoteric failures that's up (and the dialog fail is in not saying what it was given that it wasn't an expected failure case, even if the report of the issue is just in technical terms).

  • Josef Hahn (unregistered)

    "What was was the ..." -> fake

    Repeating some small words is an error I see all the times. But I'm sure Toyota wouldn't let it pass, up to the public website. Maybe that's a Thom-mock?

  • Ruts (unregistered) in reply to Josef Hahn

    Josef - the duplicated 'was' is just a typo.

    Try looking at the left and right of the feedback range, goes from 'very unsatisfied' to 'extremely unsatisfied'. That is the WTF here - what selection do you make if even remotely satisfied?

  • Josef Hahn (unregistered)

    Ruts - yes, it understood.

    But I'm a bit in doubt if it's real, when I see way-too-stupid typos, which you typically find in whatsapp chats (i suspect) :)

  • medievalist (unregistered)

    The only people not UNsatisfied with Toyota hybrid vehicle user interfaces are those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    The Prius has a marvelous drive train, truly fantastically innovative, saddled with a user interface that was clearly designed by the clueless offspring of a PHB. You shift forward to go backwards, you shift backwards to go forwards, you use a completely separate physical control to shift into park, there are controls hidden by the steering wheel and console "styling" - it's its own UI anti-pattern, the Toyota interface.

  • Leaf Owner (unregistered) in reply to medievalist

    So that's where Nissan got the "forward to go back" anti-pattern from. After nearly a year driving a Leaf, it still irritates and confuses me. I assumed it was because automatics go R->N->D. As I'm coming from a manual ("stick") shift, that isn't really helpful.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Josef Hahn

    I am getting the feeling that would be on some car insurance website.

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