• beef (unregistered)


  • DFYX (unregistered)

    What I find most amusing about the tdbank thing is that the search results (and nothing else on the page) are an iframe with the content hosted on a different domain which causes uMatrix to block it.

  • DFYX (unregistered) in reply to DFYX

    Oh and they use Javascript (also hosted on the same domain as the iframe content) to resize the iframe to fit the content.

  • Robert Morson (google)

    I believe the second item shows a right-to-left progress bar.

  • SG (unregistered) in reply to Robert Morson

    I thought something similar. But without measuring - the green bar seems to be less than 1/4 of the whole bar.

  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    Will any technical person do? I have a car mechanic can they install Java?

  • Andrew (unregistered) in reply to my name is missing

    Yes. Most car mechanics have experience with springs and struts, so let them have at it!

  • (nodebb)

    Scarily that android one could be one of those popups that ask you

    Are you sure you want to leave this page? Yes/No

    When in fact it is under the hood asking a completely different question about installing something evil which has been internationalised into "Are you sure etc ?" and requiring you to say Yes...

  • (nodebb)

    Frist of all, have a technical person tell the web developer the difference between Java and JavaScript.

  • (nodebb)

    That leave request for 2 days plus a seventh of a day... is the Elbonian Calendar having a special kind of leap year?

  • airdrik (unregistered) in reply to my name is missing

    Installing java is really quite simple: you just take a cup and pour it right in, letting the CPU and all of the circuits bathe in that rich caffeinated goodness (which also helps it to run faster).

    After having installed java and sorted through all of the issues that crop up as a result, I think you will find the problem to have been resolved.

  • (nodebb)

    With the last one, someone wants 2 1/7 days off. Now to fit this between 2 days...

  • P.B. Floyd (unregistered) in reply to airdrik

    So you dump it in the cupholder slot?

  • java (unregistered)

    No no you don't understand. The site obviously needs both Java and Javascript. They have a Javascript module which is needed for data entry validation and stuff, but that module takes a dependency on their Java module. If you don't install and enable Java, then they can't use Java to install and enable their Javascript.

  • Kashim (unregistered)

    does the 2 1/7 days off mean that they have mandatory overtime of 4 hours that week, and the application divided it evenly among the seven days (in other words, assuming that they will be missing the minutes of overtime they should have worked during those 2 days) I would bet it is something like that.

    That said, at my last job they only used 2 digits for our time off, and handed it out in hours every month. We got 40 hours of personal time per year, and the system always gave us 3.33 hours every month, then never corrected the rounding error. At the end of the year, we would end up with 39.97 hours of personal time. After 2 years, I put in a time off request for 7.94 hours to prove a point, and submitted my timesheet showing that I'd worked 8.06 hours the previous day.

    The project manager who had one of their tasks show up as taking 4.06 hours was not amused when I told him I had spent an extra 3 minutes, 36 seconds, on the device.

  • Friedrice the Great (unregistered) in reply to Kashim

    Wait - doesn't EVERYBODY use floating point for their date/time calculations, or is it just me?

  • Supersonic (unregistered) in reply to Friedrice the Great

    I use floating point calculations to calculate dates and times 0.0000000001 of time

  • (nodebb) in reply to Kashim

    I think the 2 1/7 days off is probably because their days are actually 7.5 hours long, but the system thinks their days are 7 hours long.

  • Decius (unregistered)

    How do you fit more than 2 days BETWEEN Wednesday and Thursday? According to my calculations there's 0.000000000001 days between the end of Wednesday and the beginning of Thursday.

  • Paul Neumann (unregistered)

    2 1/7 days must be accounting for the DST transition.

  • James (unregistered)

    The Microsoft one is pretty simple, they will call it done when it is at 35% complete.

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